Dr. McCullough on Fighting Covid and Big Pharma

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Dr. Peter McCullough was fighting hard and finding great success treating Covid patients, preventing hospitalization and death using a protocol involving multiple repurposed drugs. But another battle — this one against what he calls the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex — would end up turning his life upside-down.

In this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, Dr. McCullough and co-author John Leake give the inside story of one of the most vicious persecutions of a doctor in American history, a saga recounted in their new book

The Courage to Face Covid-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

Not only was the establishment not interested in effective treatments, it was interested only in injecting as many people as possible with a dangerous experimental injection that was highly ineffective. Dr. McCullough inadvertently found himself in the crosshairs of this establishment — and paid dearly for getting in the way.


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