Searching for Truth in Babylon

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Our society is more divided today than in a very long time. There are so many ‘sides’. This creates confusion. We see different worlds when listening to our politicians, media, academics, talking heads, business leaders, and even many of our churches. Welcome to Babylon. Babylon means confusion.

With all this confusion, how do we know what is right, who is honest and speaking truth? How do we make good choices with the chaos and fear? First, I submit there are only two sides. One is those who’ve accepted God and try to live by His directions. A second those who live according to themselves. The first serves others, the latter themselves. One builds, the other destroys. The first provides unity, the second divides.

Confusion results when man turns away from God, because man by himself is insufficient. He needs something greater than himself to stay on track. That greater something is God. He alone brings the opportunity for unity, truth, and good.

Truth and Virtue

Prudence is a virtue relevant to this discussion. So important it was specifically mentioned in America’s Declaration of Independence. Prudence is the ability to discern good from evil. It’s that simple. While simple, it is not easy to do without practice—as with all virtues.

Virtue matters. It is the means by which Man approaches God’s truth. “[T]o the whole human race, then, discipline and virtue are a necessity if they would pursue after happiness.”[1] “Now Plato the philosopher, defining the end of happiness, says it is the likeness to God as far as possible.”[2]

Only when we voluntarily commit ourselves to God do we begin to be transformed. To more fully develop His image within each of us. There becomes more of Him and less of ourselves. But that requires developing prudence. Only when we can discern good from evil can we choose good—that is, God.

We are all free to make our own choices, and are each accountable for them. Therefore, shouldn’t we understand what we are choosing? Let’s demonstrate with a few current examples. There are many to choose from, but we’ll use Black Lives Matter and the current covid pandemic. Both significantly impact our society.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. True enough as all life comes from God, so it all matters. We all have the same natural right not to have our life taken away. On the surface it sounds good, but does it support good? Satan is the father of all lies. There is no truth in him, for lies are a part of his nature. (John 8:44) Those aligned with Satan practice deception.

Do Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter?

We can consider their actions. The statues torn down include abolitionists such as Frederick Douglas, Hans Christian Heg, and Ulysses Grant. There have even been threats and destruction of statues to Jesus and Mary as symbols of ‘white oppression’. Really? Last time I checked Jesus was a Jew of Middle-Eastern descent, and his teachings concerned peace among all Man. But facts don’t matter when practicing deceit. It’s back to the 1960’s idea of ‘if it feels good, do it’. Emotions rule over reason. God’s image is denied. Satan uses deception.

But there is an even more telling atrocity. Planned Parenthood’s support of Black Lives Matter and its founders. They are being honored this year. Consider Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider. A few abortion statistics.

  • Of the 62 million abortion deaths since 1973, over 21 million have been black.
  • Blacks account for about 12% of America’s population, but 36% of all abortions.
  • 52% of all black pregnancies end in abortion.
  • There are more babies aborted than born in New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.
  • Planned Parenthood locates its clinics in or near minority communities.

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. I could also relate her views such as giving “certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.”[3] But the above figures speak for themselves.

If Black Lives Matter supports black lives, then why does it work with Planned Parenthood, America’s largest destroyer of black lives? God doesn’t care about race. Only people do. When one uses race to define something, the resulting act or action itself is racist. Satan uses deception.

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Covid Pandemic

So let’s turn to the covid outbreak. There are some common sense things that work for all outbreaks.

  • Keep some distance from others. (This is really anti-social distancing, but what’s in a name?)
  • Wash your hands.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Stay home if you’re sick.

Pretty straight forward. Wearing masks is also advocated and there is confusion over whether some cures exist. We’ll look briefly at both.

Wearing Masks

Virginia requires wearing masks in most places. Their claim is they prevent water droplets containing the virus from becoming airborne if you are sick. They might prevent you from getting others sick, but don’t keep you from getting the virus.

But if masks work at all, it is very limited. While the masks may stop some water droplets, they do not prevent the virus from passing through them. Damp mask material allows the virus to pass through it. Even N95 masks cannot completely block the virus. And those masks have a vent because they are difficult to breathe through. The vent allows carbon dioxide and other bad things your body needs to get rid of to exit. But what else can also pass through the vent—the virus. Some locations do not allow the public to use such masks.

If one wants to limit becoming infected, then we can look to AIDS researchers who faced a similar problem and virus. They wore face shields and gloves, and had very strict protocols in place including some of those mentioned in this section’s first paragraph. The idea was to completely cover the skin, so you did not come into contact with the virus. If you really want to keep from getting this virus, you should do something similar for the duration—which could be the rest of your life. Wearing masks and other orders give the appearance of doing something, all the while decreasing your ability to make your own choices. Satan uses deception.

Man’s Actions

Only man in his arrogance thinks he can control nature. Once something is in the environment, it’s there. All diseases go through phases, passing through populations, leaving some sick and others dead. But those who survive develop immunities. Take the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic for example. The CDC estimates one-third of the world’s population became infected, and at least 50 million died.[4] But most deaths during the 1957 pandemic were among the young, because the elderly still carried an immunity from the earlier pandemic.

Actions such as wearing masks try to prevent nature from taking its course. Man’s arrogance that is more likely to prolong an event rather than end it. Satan uses deception.


More relevant, and likely to help, are therapeutics. These are treatments developed for a disease. Several treatments show promise. Using hydroxychloroquine with zinc and vitamin c as a prophylactic (preventative). Another using the same drug with zinc and zithromax once someone is sick. A third is nebulizing the steroid budesonide, similar to what an asthmatic might do for treating asthma. The two treatments show promise when administered early. They don’t eliminate a disease, but allow one to recover.

So why all the hostility toward using some of the above treatments. After all, for a few groups the death rate is quite high. Many claim we’ve not done a proper study. But we have data between countries using different treatments, and within countries where some hospitals are using the same and different treatments.[5] We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Why are some in authority allowing people to needlessly die when treatments exist that appear to work, and the alternative for some is almost certain death? Some governors use their power to prevent prescriptions for these drugs from being filled. Some medical institutions refuse to use them when they make sense. Moral actions dictate we should help when we have the ability to. Instead we get words about why something can’t be done, while others go about the work of ‘illegally’ saving lives. Satan uses deception.


The covid vaccine potential excites many people. They can’t wait to line up. There are currently about 80 in the pipeline. Vaccines work by imitating an infection. They usually don’t cause an illness, but instead stimulate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies that fight a disease.[6]

But many of these new vaccines use plant, animal, and aborted baby material to deliver their cure. Some materials are toxic, and some immoral. Toxins in today’s vaccines include poultry eggs, aluminum, and mercury. Using any abortion materials is just wrong. Some virologists suggest that current vaccines contribute to autism and other illness increases during the last century.

Enter Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who are pushing a brand new approach. One that inserts a piece of the covid genetic code into the human body through a vaccine. This alters the recipients DNA forever. This covid virus was made in a lab. It jumped a thousand years of evolution in a short period of time. Their vaccine approach has never been tried before, but that hasn’t stopped it from moving to the head of the line. What could possibly go wrong?

Using Therapeutics

Dr. Fauci is also one of the main opponents to using known therapeutics against this virus, citing inadequate research on the existing drugs. Really? Sounds more like Margaret Sanger’s approach for peace. Man choosing who will live, who will die, how, and when. Man playing at being God. Just like Satan.

Finally, medical personnel having firsthand knowledge report; some labs are faking covid test results, media are reporting the lie there are not enough hospital beds, and government agencies and pharmacies interfering with successful treatment protocols. What is true is there is a shortage of medical personnel. A side-effect from shutting down hospitals during the pandemic, forcing institutions to lay off people when they are needed. Satan uses deception.


People taking immoral actions must be held to account. These include our governor, Black Lives Matter, healthcare related institutions and agency leaders, and others. To do that we must discern the true from the false. It requires developing virtue, particularly the virtue of prudence. The above are serious societal problems, and not taken lightly. However, complying with immoral commands, actions, or laws is itself immoral. When you comply with evil, you end up standing with evil. That’s the truth.


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