Gay Weddings in Navy Chapels?

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Chaps interviewed on ABC News: Former Navy Chaplain Klingenschmitt was interviewed Tuesday by investigative reporter Mike Gooding of WVEC-13, the ABC affiliate covering the world’s largest Naval Station Norfolk, concerning the shocking new memo signed by Chief of Navy Chaplains RADM Mark L. Tidd, a liberal Presbyterian who just authorized homosexual weddings in Navy Chapels, after pressure by lawyers with the Obama Administration.  Watch the breaking news video here (it’s just 2 minutes), and don’t say I didn’t predict this over a year ago:




You can read the Chief of Chaplains’ sad memo here, and then please sign our fax petition defending the rights of military chaplains to NOT endorse homosexual sin here.  Here are some talking points that were cut from my interview:

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1) President Obama’s illegal enforcement of gay weddings in Christian chapels descrates both Catholic and Protestant chapels on military bases in up to 6 states where gay weddings were imposed by liberal judges against the will of the voters. 

2) This ruling effectively kicks the chapel off federal property, placing it under state law in liberal states like Massachusetts, rather than under federal law where the chapel sits on federal property, violating the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act which

defines federal marriage as only valid between one man and one woman. 3) The new policy not only desecrates chapels, it hurts chaplains who cannot complain or protect their chapels.  Those who choose to opt out of performing same-sex weddings will be labeled “not team players” on performance evaluations and later denied promotion.Let’s take action to reverse this abuse of our military chaplains.  

Read more and see more video on this important issue facing our Armed Forces

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