Incredible Compilation of Ukrainian Christians Turning to God, Praying Psalm 31 From Bomb Shelters Amid Deadly Uncertainty

fellowship in prayer

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Ukrainian Christians continue to turn to their faith amid Russia’s brutal onslaught, as the violent military assault increasingly claims lives and property.

As uncertainty persists, many openly pray and worship, seeking God to calm and ease their pain. Throughout the ordeal, Psalm 31 has taken on special meaning in the hearts of Ukrainians.

Anatoliy Raychynets of the Ukrainian Bible Society is among those who have prayed Psalm 31, and he has spoken about the new lens through which he sees these ancient Scriptures.

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“For me, as a pastor, that Psalm … well, I read it differently now because it’s about our current situation in Ukraine,” Raychynets recently said. “This ancient prayer — written several thousand years ago — now we see is so alive, is living.”


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