Is Target boycott affecting ‘Pride’ events?

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Exclusive: Linda Harvey notes company supporting just 1 ‘deviancy’ parade this month

Linda Harvey | WND

As the month of June begins, it’s time to be aware of summer events you should avoid when accompanied by children, most notably the homosexual “pride” parades in major cities.

Corporate participation in these sexual anarchy “celebrations” has sadly increased in recent years through the energetic efforts of homosexual activists, without much pushback in response from conservatives.

But hold on just a minute there, corporate America. In April, a boycott of Target stores was launched by the American Family Association. So the question becomes, will Target be visible as a supporter of the summer’s upcoming “pride” weekends?

Target, as most of you know, decided to proudly parade its “inclusive” policy that welcomes men into female changing rooms and restrooms, hypocritically excluding the vast majority of authentic females – those of us who don’t want males in what should be private spaces.

But curiously, the embattled retailer’s name is not showing up on sponsorship pages for parade weekends in most cities, except for the Twin Cities Pride parade June 25-26 in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where Target is headquartered.

Target “team members” (employees) did march in previous pride parades in Los Angeles, New York and the Twin Cities.

Unlike Macy’s, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Delta Airlines and Bud Light – ubiquitous depravity-event sponsors – the Target logo is scarce on “pride” sites this year.

Since the April launch of the boycott, AFA has collected over 1.3 million pledges, and Target stock has dropped from $83.50 when the boycott began to $68.90 (May 27).

The homosexual advocacy group GLAAD launched a counter-campaign, #StandWithTarget, urging people to visit Target stores on June 1 as “pride” month begins, to shop, take selfies and post on social media.

And in the “spinning low expectations” category, GLAAD also asked for pledge signatures. Unlike the seven-figure-and-rising AFA effort, GLAAD – the public relations voice for sodomy and transvestite demands – has managed to collect a mere 23,000 commitments, with a stated goal of only 25,000. And yet GLAAD’s pledge page states:

We would appreciate your donation.

“Recently, Target has come under fire by a small – but loud – group of people who oppose its LGBT-inclusive policies. It’s time to come together to send a strong and clear message to Target.”

But really, whose group is “small but loud”?

Last week, GLAAD had only collected 20,000 pledges, and the stated pledge goal on this same site at that time was 22,000. So the goalpost is moving, a typical “create your own reality” moment from radical sexual bullies who lack widespread support in grass-roots America.

Another motive for GLAAD’s feeble campaign may be to provide a boost for Target before its annual shareholder meeting, but pro-family forces have goals for that meeting as well. Janet Porter, founder and head of Faith 2 Action, is spearheading a movement for Target store protests on Saturday, June 4 – again, to make a national statement prior to the Target shareholder meeting on June 8.

Target so far has responded that it has no intention of retracting its mixed-sex policy. And there are other evidences of the retailer’s support for the goals of radicals. On the Target website, the store markets rainbow-adorned apparel on a “Pride” page under the sales slogan “#takepride.” There are even sizes for children.

And the company’s commitment to homosexual-activist political goals has been evident in recent years in other ways. In 2012, Target backed same-sex faux “marriage” by selling “pride” T-shirts during June with 100 percent going to a homosexual group, Family Equality Council. That group was raising funds to help defeat the Minnesota pro-marriage amendment, a disappointing loss that occurred in November 2012.

And Target announced its support in September 2015 for the next big dream of sexual radicals: the federal “Equality Act,” which would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes to the 1964 Civil Rights Code.

Thankfully, congressional Republicans are not signing on to this destructive, anti-family measure – except for Illinois’ Sen. Mark Kirk and Rep. Robert Dold – yet Target sided once again with the extreme agenda of the deviant minority.

Why? It’s a stupid business practice to back the homosexual/gender confusion movement. Once it becomes widely known, your company will suffer a sales decline.

The AFA boycott pledge numbers are being questioned by Think Progress, a far-left opinion site that claims to have entered three phony email addresses without any obstacle on the AFA boycott site.

Even if the Think Progress test actually happened as they say, it’s highly likely that the AFA numbers still hold up. There has never been any question about the organization’s integrity except from the extreme left, and Americans who have the good sense to oppose Target’s pro-deviance, anti-consumer stand are exactly the ones who have supported AFA all these years and are responding to the boycott.

There can be no doubt about the business impact of the boycott. The recent stock dip of Target was compared to Wal-Mart, Costco, Dollar Tree and Dollar General in an excellent article at American Thinker, and the comparison is stunning. Target’s market cap decline has been -19 percent, compared to Wal-Mart’s positive 1.4 percent performance in the same period (April 19 to May 24). Dollar General and Dollar Tree both posted gains of 7.6 percent.

So America, let’s be faithful to the boycott. If you think Wal-Mart is a worthwhile alternative, however, think again. They are regular sponsors now of many homosexual parades including Boston, New York City, Northwest Arkansas, Cincinnati, a “family area” at the Denver parade, Louisville ( Kentuckiana) and others.


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