Joseph A. Rogowski

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Joseph (Joe) Rogowski

Itinerant Teacher- Biblical Worldview


Henrico, VA

Joseph A. Rogowski is native of Buffalo, New York. He is a graduate pharmacist of the University of Buffalo, 1959. He met his wife Ursula while she was on an extended visit from Germany and they were married in 1963.

After a somewhat successful career as a pharmacist and partner in a regional chain of pharmacies in Western New York, he resigned his career and left with Ursula and their two children for the mission field with Youth with a Mission in 1981. They served in Asia and the Pacific for approximately twelve years.

In 1992, Joseph and his wife Ursula returned stateside to the Richmond, Virginia area, where he worked and retired from pharmacy. While employed as a part-time pharmacist, Joseph earned a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Robertson School of Government through studies at Regent University in 1999. He continues to do short mission outreaches abroad to mission and interested groups through the Rogowski’s charitable organization – Arise Development Services.

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Through training sessions, Joseph shares strategies on community development with local churches, missions, or civic groups to mobilize their poor to self-help rather than wait for outside interventions that leads to dependencies. In most Third World situations, local governments often do not have the financial means or manpower to correct village or neighborhood deficiencies and hazards, so many of the problems go unattended while the people suffer.

The mission is to equip church and civic leaders to facilitate small, strategic, development activities that can include sanitation and hygiene training, healthcare, literacy, nutrition and food production, skills training, and ethical and spiritual advisement.



Seeing Others Successful: A Biblical Primer on Elevating People through Community Development

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