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Mathews, VA

Patricia “Tricia” Stall, mother of two, is married to her high school sweetheart, Dr. Mark Stall. They reside in Mathews, Virginia. Mark is a general dentist in Hampton.

Tricia’s conservative activism, biblical values and beliefs, and community volunteer experiences have enabled her to be an advocate for family, faith and freedom in her community. She served in various volunteer capacities in Newport News Public Schools and in her community for 20 years. She served as a community facilitator for the “Parent-to-Parent: Parenting for Drug Free Youth Program” in the Newport News Department of Social Services, until 1999.

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She served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer in the NN Juvenile Courts and is a past member of the Newport News Bar Association’s Judicial Screening Committee.

She helped establish and served as Executive Director of the Hampton Roads Taxpayer Coalition, an umbrella organization for all Taxpayer Alliances in Hampton Roads. Tricia served on Virginia’s FairTax Committee.

Tricia served as Assistant Director of Development at StoneBridge School in Chesapeake, Virginia 2004-2005 serving Christian families in the Hampton Roads area.

Tricia is dedicated to restoring the Christian character of our nation as a constitutional Republic form of government. She advocates for all legislators and Virginia leaders to see the need and benefit of utilizing the PEERS test as a valuable tool for impacting the spiritual and economic health of Virginia and the nation.

Tricia is a member of the Tuesday Morning Group, a conservative activist think-tank group, Virginians for Life, Virginia Citizen Defense League, and served on the Family Foundation’s Advisory Council, continuing support of efforts to protect family, faith and freedom at the local, state and federal levels of government. She serves on the board of The Foundation for American Christian Education in Chesapeake, VA exposing Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Planning and Smart Growth link to UN Agenda21. Tricia has been in the forefront, fighting for limited government, free markets and education choice for over 15 years.


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