Letter to the Editor: The Bible, not justices, should define marriage


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Published in the Free Lance Star

Bnowers1William E. NowersThe Bible, not justices, should define marriageCommenting on a recent letter to the Free Lance-Star by Michael Strobl , and other uninformed opinions concerning the pending Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages.

The Supreme Court reveals an unbelievable arrogance in even considering same sex marriage.  The Bible clearly establishes marriage in Genesis. God revealed that a man will leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh.  Every civilized nation since humans walked on the earth recognized the marriage of one man and one woman.   We were founded as a Christian nation and for over 300 years it was widely accepted by American citizens.

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In 1962 the Supreme Court, in a bloodless coup, threw the Bible out of schools and all Christian evidence, icons, and relics referring to Jesus Christ and the  Christian religion were banned in all public areas. The justices  set themselves up as the new gods of the nation.  As such they ignored the Constitution by saying, “the Constitution says what we say it says.”  They used combinations and permutations  to change the obvious meanings of words.  They thought nothing of  completely rewriting new laws.  They lied with impunity because who can challenge god?

In 1973 the Roe vs. Wade decision that led to over 55 million human babies killed in the womb, and still counting,   was based on a lie.  The Court said they didn’t know when a new human life started.  But every intelligent person had   known for decades, that a new human life started at conception. But you can’t challenge god.

We are now waiting for the Court to rule on same sex marriage.  It is almost unbelievable that one or two, unelected judges, have the capability of changing the very backbone of  Christianity that has existed in every civilized society since man first walked the earth.  But we have quietly accepted the bloodless coup that has already made the Supreme Court god. Will Christians accept another disgraceful insult by the Court?


William E. Nowers, East Lee County

William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry, and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors


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