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At the 2022 Red Pill Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah, senior editor for The New American magazine Bill Jasper sat down with Sam Bushman of Liberty RoundTable, a constitutional talk-radio show/podcast heard on radio stations nationwide and on the internet.

Bushman has been in radio for 26 years, and has regularly interviewed JBS leaders and TNA authors during that time. Liberty RoundTable promotes God, family, and country; life, liberty, and property; and the traditions of the Founding Fathers.

Bushman is also part of CSPOA, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which in July called on sheriffs nationwide to investigate election integrity issues. He says that relatively few of the country’s over 3,000 sheriffs have responded, mainly because they don’t understand their duties or obligations as the chief executives of the counties. Currently there are dozens of sheriffs involved in investigations regarding fraudulent elections, although frequently they are stymied by governors and/or DAs who refuse to cooperate.

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