March 5th, Brother Yun Coming to Richmond!

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We are thrilled to announce that Brother Yun, author of The Heavenly Man, Join us!

Richmond, Virginia on March 5th, 7pm
Second Baptist Church, 9614 River Road, Richmond, VA
starting at 7pm

His message is crucial in the face of the rapidly changing climate in western nations. We are living in a time of great outpouring by the Spirit of the Lord and also of great upheaval.

Please make a point of attending this important and timely meeting.  Spread the word, bring others!

Brother Yun speaks internationally and has authored several books including The Heavenly Man and Living Water.  His is a founder of the Back to Jerusalem movement committed to raising up Chinese missionaries to complete the great commission from China “back to Jerusalem” where it all began.

This includes going through the vast unreached people, which are largely muslim, in the nations between China and Jerusalem.  

Brother Yun has spoken to millions with the Gospel message. He is an exiled Chinese Christian house church leader and evangelist and was instrumental in the development of the Christian house church networks in China during the 1980’s and 90’s.
Brother Yun was born in 1958, in the southern-part of Henan Province, among the simple farmers and peasants. In 1974, Yun’s father lay dying of cancer. One evening as he lay in bed, his mother heard a voice say, “Jesus loves you.” In tearful repentance, she rededicated herself to Jesus Christ. She gathered her family around and they all prayed, “Jesus, heal Father!” The very next morning, Yun’s father began to get better. Everyone in the family believed on Jesus, and they all began to experience revival.
Yun decided to fast and pray for a Bible, and for the next 100 days ate only one bowl of steamed rice every day. One morning, there was a knock at the door. Two men had brought a Bible to Yun. Yun began to devour the Word of God. Even though he could hardly read, he would painstakingly look up one character at a time as he advanced through the Bible.
Obeying a vision from the Lord, he left home to preach the Gospel to the South and West. He did not know how to preach, so he recited the whole book of Matthew for them. The Holy Spirit fell upon the people. They all knelt down and repented of their sins and received Jesus. These were the beginnings of the house church movement in China.
Brother Yun and his co-workers started a ministry of fleeing evangelism. Everywhere they went people were hungry to hear the Gospel. They could not stay in one place for very long, however, because preaching the gospel in China was and still is illegal. In his 23 years of ministering in China, Brother Yun was arrested and sent to prison three different times. He spent a total of seven years in prison for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
After his second time in prison, Brother Yun felt the necessity of training the believers that were being added to the church by the thousands. So he and his co-workers established oil stations, where students could be trained in the Scriptures. Brother Yun eventually escaped China.

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 starting at 7PM


Second Baptist Church
9614 River Road
Richmond, VA  23229

Sherrie Moore
Common Thread Ministries/RIHOPE
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