mRNA IS in Food – There’s ONLY 1 Way to Stop This

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Tom Renz

Bad news – the big pharma complex wants to hide vaccines in your food including these mRNA poisons. Good news – Missouri HB1169 could stop this. Best news – other states are considering similar bills to protect the food supply (BTW – I will help ANY state to get this done). With that…

I want to begin this article with some background.

First of all, yes, vaccines can be made transmissible through food. Second, mRNA IS in the food supply already. Third, it appears the vaccines may, in fact, actually alter your DNA permanently. And Fourth, regardless of whether the mRNA in the food supply or that which is about to be authorized for the food supply is transmissible, we have no way of know it is safe unless you want to trust the same people that told you the COVID jabs were safe and effective (despite the fact that they did not test to determine if the jabs prevented transmission and have admitted they do not understand the immune response mechanism).

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