Negro Project 2.0: Margaret Sanger’s Abortion Legacy Lives On

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| Washington, DC | | 7/25/11

Last week’s NPR interview on “Tell Me More” really should be called “Tell Me Less”. Their heavy editing of only The Radiance Foundation’s perspective, while preserving every word spoken by Reverend Carlton Veazey,revealed NPR’s typical liberal bias and uninformed defense of Planned Parenthood. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice CEO’s closing remarks (nearly two minutes versus mine which were cut down to 15 seconds) were just a continuation of pro-abortion histrionics by the historically challenged.

Veazey was unwilling to address the epidemic of abortion in the black community, even denying Planned Parenthood’s entire history rooted in the racist pseudoscience of eugenics. He played the role so clearly defined by Margaret Sanger’s original Negro Project back in 1939, using black pastors to propagandize on her behalf. Margaret Higgins Sanger Slee was a grand manipulator and strategist, with a veritable war chest from her second husband, Noah Slee, an oil tycoon.

negroprojectMany of her aggressive and repulsive eugenics-based efforts were funded by organizations sympathetic with her Birth Control crusade. One of those population control entities was the Ford Foundation, which also funds the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) and pro-abortion activist groups like SisterSong, both staunch defenders of Planned Parenthood. Money was never an obstacle for Sanger and her fellow eugenicists. However, ideological resistance, rooted in Christian faith, was.

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