Poverty Pimps and White Guilt: Dividing “American” and “Black” History

Craig Johnson

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Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson | Virginia Free Citizen

Last Monday, my good friend, Don Blake, asked me to participate in a local television interview with him about a racial video, entitled “Structural Discrimination,” which upset his granddaughter and other students at Glen Allen High School.  Having handled hot topics in talk radio for years, I was happy to oblige.

After providing additional commentary on Fox News, the story gained national attention, and the video is now a worldwide viral sensation, which has been discussed on nearly every news program, throughout social media, and within many major publications

The sad thing is that most of the news outlets that have carried this story are missing the point.  The nation’s poverty pimps, who personally benefit from the anger and ignorance of the poor, claim that the video is a truthful justification for more race based government set asides (which do not benefit the poor as much as they benefit those who “manage” poverty).

The middle class and upper-middle class citizens of Glen Allen, whose children live within excellent, integrated neighborhoods and attend excellent integrated schools, feel that once again they are being cast as having unjust success.  Many of these people have worked two and three jobs, postponed gratification while educating themselves, and have been givers to help the less fortunate; and, some have even voted for Obama, just to prove that they are not racist.  They must be thinking, “When is this ever- ready, false charge of racism going to end?”

I say, that as long as there is a high percentage of the educated, elite blacks, who benefit from never-ending cries of racism, and who continue to intimidate the white majority, fewer of these elites will aim for the more competitive, and less certain free market.  And, why should they?  Well-meaning whites, who have been guilt-tripped over supposed actions of their forbearers, enable Black elite hustlers with meaningless degrees, and who sometimes lack mastery of the English language, to live in luxury with television shows, elected and appointed offices, tenured professorships, no-bid government contracts, etc.

Please don’t think this elitism is a Black thing only.  The Democrat Party is a grievance party.  If you lack the character and/or capacity to succeed meritocratically, just tout your skin color, tribe, gender, etc., and justify your deception by citing how the “old boy club” has been doing the same. As long as you sell out the less fortunate of your group to the idea that God-given rights are “Trumped” (pun intended) by government ordained rights, then you can take your seat at the table of “leadership”.

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This “African-American Studies” nonsense is really a subset of socialism.  For 100 years, the “educators” have been trying to produce a generation of “little communists.”  Vladimir Illiich Lenin stated, “The purpose of Socialism is Communism.”  In order to cement themselves and their families into permanent power, by eliminating competition, the elites must destroy God, family, and the free market, leaving only the government for the proletariat to turn to for all of their needs.

The “educators” now have produced a millennial generation that mostly thinks that they prefer Socialism to Free Enterprise.  That is no coincidence.  Nor is it a coincidence that for decades, there has been a separation between “American History” and “Black History”.  Nor is it a coincidence that this video was financed by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The One World Government/Communism crowd needs to make the masses fight each other in order to continue their assault on God, family, national sovereignty, and Free Enterprise.

Billionaire oligarchs like Soros, Trump, Gates and Bloomberg, pretend to help the “little guy,” but do they help or hurt the tensions between:  young versus old (death panels for the 75-plus); male versus female (universal draft for women and internal destruction of armies); family creators versus homosexuals (abortion on-demand to be followed by limits on children; attack on scouts); wealth creators versus wage earners (see Soviets, Maoists, etc.);and the ever present cry of racism?  Contrary to popular belief, not all billionaires continue to support the free enterprise and social norms that created an orderly environment where they could thrive to the point of becoming the new elite.

The racial, religious, ethnic and class differences have been mostly overcome in the world’s greatest meritocracy, the USA.  People who call themselves “Watchmen on the Wall” had better wake up.  It’s not about hurt feelings over a video, as Henrico County seems to think, as they declared the video banned.  They may as well declare this cold weather banned.  The students all have devices, such as smart phones, so the genie is already out of the bottle.

I suggest we air the video again but with explanations as to why it is good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, from both sides of the political divide.  I challenge Rev. Tyrone Nelson, Ravi Perry, and video creator, Kimberle’ Crenshaw, to come to Glen Allen High School to debate me and two other Black Conservatives on this issue.  That is how you develop critical thinking within students.  Expose them to both sides of an issue rather than worry about hurt feelings or cowardly butt covering.

Our nation is entering its 4th season of “ekpyrosis”, the ending of one saeculum and the beginning of another, which occurs every 4 generations.  A nation does not dissolve in the “spring time” of the cycle; nor the “summer” or “autumn”.  It is the “winter” of the cycle where it becomes questionable whether people of various races, classes, religions, and political viewpoints, can resist the forces trying to tear society apart with divide and conquer tactics in order to control the destiny of the coming new age.

The question then becomes, how do you view yourself, and our collective history?  Are “American History” and “Black History” two separate and distinct things?  Are you a “Black-American, “Hispanic-American, “Asian-American”, White-American”; or just an American?

The same applies to other types of divisions that elites engender among the masses.  Watchmen on the wall, like me, are praying that Americans of all stripes will toss out the hyphen.  George Soros and his paid brown-shirts are hoping that envy, hatred, and covetousness will continue to fracture a society that is teetering on the edge of disaster – so they can “rescue” us with a solution.


Craig Johnson is a news analyst and commentator, speaker, and president of The First Amendment, Inc., (www.thefirstamendmentinc.com).  He is also talk radio host of The REALLY, Real, Deal with Brother Craig the Hatchet Man, on 820AM WNTW, www.820theanswer.com, and on-demand at www.blogtalkradio.com/the-hatchet-man).  He is School Choice Advocate & Board of Advisors member for the Virginia Christian Alliance.  For interviews and speaking engagements contact Kimberly@agencyforthearts.com

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