Richmond Times-Dispatch Refuse to Print Letter on Homosexuality


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This is a letter written to the Richmond TIMES DISPATCH which they decided not to run. This is not the first letter I have written that takes a different direction from the TD in their support of homosexuality. Their editorial stance also approves of cohabitation (fornication/adultery) and evolution. Note also the lack of news stories and commentaries.  The other letter the T/D refuse to print- ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell, the homosexuals latest assault’ can be seen under Director Greene Hollowell’s bio.

US Urges World to End Gay Discrimination

President Obama, apparently not satisfied with enforcing the homosexual agenda on the US military, now wants to exert his power world-wide. He wants to use US tax dollars to enforce acceptance of perverted sexual behavior on other Nations. To show he means business he is sending his enforcer, Secretary of State Clinton. She has many years experience exhorting other Nations to abort their children so this will be easy work for her. This is typical of Obama and his Democratic Party’s agenda.

Before leveling the charges of bigotry, homophobia and hatred to this writer, who proclaims that homosexual acts are sinful and dangerous, please consider the following.

The truth is that we who proclaim this have a more loving concern for his wellbeing.

In fact, those who affirm the homosexuals like the ‘Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays’ and others who ‘want to be fair’ are really showing a complete disregard for their lives. This includes ministers who state the BIBLE doesn’t condemn homosexuality.

Consider, would you affirm an alcoholic, a drug addict, an adulterer, a gambler or a prostitute to continue in their deadly pursuits? No, if you loved them you would do your best to get them to stop their death run.

The homosexual knows he is involved in a perverted, self-destructive sexual act; he wants to be set free. But he has these ‘friends’ saying it’s ok, it’s normal, God made you that way.

The homosexual says, ‘Here I am, suffering from higher rates of physical disease, STD, mental illness, suicide, substance abuse and early death and my ‘friends’ say I’m ok!’

As bad as these ‘friends’ and ministers are, the worst are those who use government coercion to give official, but false legitimacy to an evil that will have devastating consequences.

Z. Greene Hollowell, PE

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Greene Hollowell
Z. Greene Hollowell was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC. He graduated from NC State College in Construction in 1953. His claim to fame is he is the most cursed at man in the City of Richmond- by pro-abortionist passers-by because of his over 25 years of protesting and sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic. Greene has authored a booklet YOUR CHOICE- Obedience to the 21 st Century Secular Culture OR God’s Holy Bible. This develops the main 7 thrusts of Virginia Christian Alliance. um.