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The Child Sacrifice of Fundamental Transformation

By J. Jeff Toler, Shenandoah Christian Alliance

A new program has been introduced to Virginia’s school children. Just in time for our kids returning to school after sheltering in place, and social distancing for the last seven months. If your students are attending a public school, you may already be aware of it. It’s called the BirdsNBz (1) program: a cute, cuddly little sobriquet for masking a sinister development in the Marxist march towards the defeat of family autonomy. Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation explains in this video. (2)

An examination of the history behind the modern, cultural Marxist movement will reveal an almost morbid obsession with sex. As late as the last half of the twentieth century, America, and by extension, most of the rest of the world, functioned under a set of operative values that determined a society would not engage openly in, let alone encourage, sexual activities harmful to the social welfare of our children. That historically changed with the introduction of sex education into the public schools of Hungary during the Bela Kun (3) provisional government in 1919. A centerpiece for the regime was the sex education of Hungary’s school children, (4) developed by György Lukács—a Marxist theorist, later to become a key figure in the Frankfurt School. (5) Lukacs believed that destroying the West’s traditional sexual morals was necessary for the destruction of Western culture.

Along with Italian Antonio Gramsci, Lukacs concluded that Western culture with its Christian religion was the roadblock to European working class support. Western civilization would have to be de-Christianized and destroyed gradually by corrupting the culture.

Proceeding slowly, they concealed their true intent of a communist takeover, beginning with the traditional family, then followed by churches, schools, entertainment, media, labor, civic organizations, history, literature, and science. Eliminating the institutions of family and faith in God as a source of eternal law is crucial because totalitarians demand total allegiance only to their authority and their revolutionary agenda. This effort remains today—through programs like ASHA’s BirdsNBz. It is of course much more subtle, but no one seems to ask why it is the business of the public school system to manage sex education in the first place.

Because divorce, and the attendant breakdown of the nuclear family (6) has made it “necessary.”

When both parents are not available, the assigning of proper roles in raising children with biblically shaped precepts and injunctions is altogether missing. Educating our children about sex goes to another agency. The history of Marxism in this country and around the world, reveals the alternative of the school classroom is insidiously intentional.

Most single parents are overwhelmed with providing for their dependent children, let alone devoting the time to managing the essential discussions. Intimacy, almost invariably the exclusive domain of a Christian worldview, is abandoned to the “state,” like “Blackshear Fine Arts Academy, (7) an elementary school in Austin ISD, [who] recently hosted a drag queen at the school’s library, previously convicted of prostitution charges.” Do we really understand the times?

Jesus said, But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”(Matthew 18:6)

The following is pulled from the subhead, “Raising and Supporting Sexually Healthy Youth,” included in the position statement (8) of the American Sexual Health Association, (9) (ASHA) who are on contract with the Virginia Department of Health: (10)

Adolescents have rights to balanced, accurate, and realistic sex education, access to confidential* sexual health services, and a secure stake in the future. Respect and [sic] should be included in shaping programs and policies that affect their well-being.”

When people act wickedly, no matter how well they esteem their own motivations, they invariably prefer the camouflage of secrecy.*

From the perspective of SCA, most Virginians may not be aware of the ASHA, and even less likely to know of their contractural arrangement with sex educating school children through the Virginia Department of Health. (11) It is a certainty that every state in the Union also has similar contractual arrangements with the ASHA or similar agencies teaching sex education. It may seem absurd on its face, but it might be better learning about sex on the playground—as it once was done a couple of generations earlier—than an agenda that includes “confidential” discussions of sexual matters with adults without parental knowledge or consent.

It may seem like light-years from the days of the Bela Kun Hungarian communist uprising, but stop and consider: social change instituted slowly, deliberately, quietly, and methodically, will go undetected before social upheaval “erupts.” 

Doesn’t it seem like America is erupting these days with all kinds of revelations, about which we did not have any prior knowledge? How many knew our president, and moreover, America was racist? How many knew America was an evil empire? How many knew COVID-19 was a virus that could be treated successfully with medications? How many knew our own children were sex-counseled by strangers who encouraged confidentiality? 

“Communist ethics make it the highest duty to accept the necessity to act wickedly. This, he said, was the greatest sacrifice the revolution asked from us. The conviction of the true communist is that evil transforms itself into bliss through the dialectics of historical evolution.” (Attributed to György Lukács, as quoted in “Utopia & Revolution: On the Origins of a Metaphor” by Melvin Jonah Lasky, pg 53. Transaction Publishers, 1976)

It must be our personal responsibility to protect our children. To do otherwise, is simply barbaric.


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