Satan’s War

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The last article discussed America’s prior Great Awakening opportunities, and our responses as a people within the context of seed, plant, harvest. This one looks at the nature of these events; what they share and how they differ. More importantly, what the differences mean for us now.

We’ve spoken some things into existence as a people, that we will have to face again in the near future. We will overcome, but not without some effort on our part—effort that will be easier the sooner we take it.

Some Commonalities

The prior Awakenings shared characteristics include:

  • Identifying an evil and attempting to eliminate it.
  • Just before each Awakening; some were asleep and others already awake.
  • There was a call to action, consensus formed, and action taken. People became awake.
  • War resulted from the realization in each case. Evil tends not to go quietly.

Some Significant Differences

  • The scope and scale of destruction increased with each war, but they remained primarily kinetic—traditional warfare.
    • Musket and cannon fire during the War for Independence.
    • Gatling gun and accurate rifles during the War Between the States.
    • Armored vehicles, aircraft, and nuclear weapons in WW II.
  • China’s peoples war approach is the basis for the current war. It is irregular warfare, relying on very different methods including;
    • Information
    • Culture
    • Economic
    • Biological (food and disease)

This current warfare approach relies more on infiltrating and influencing our enemy. It requires corrupting their principles using deception, lies, and influence. Replacing God’s principles with man’s, or God’s principles with Satan’s deceptions. The goal is to win without firing a single shot. Only when the other means fail is traditional warfare used, or to clean up at the very end.

Why All This?

A good question. There are at least a couple of answers. First, we must each choose a side, and there are only two. Good or evil. God or Satan. Second, we made some bad choices last year, and I believe we will soon face them again. Seed, plant, harvest. We must effectively deal with them this time to regain our freedom and realize the benefits from our God-given natural rights.

I’m going to open this section with one of my favorite passages from Isaiah. I’m not sure many books are more relevant to America today.

Open your ears, and come to me;
listen well, and you will live —
I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
the grace I assured David.
I have given him as a witness to the peoples,
a leader and lawgiver for the peoples.
You will summon a nation you do not know,
and a nation that doesn’t know you will run to you,
for the sake of Adonai your God,
the Holy One of Isra’el, who will glorify you.”

Seek Adonai while he is available,
call on him while he is still nearby.
Let the wicked person abandon his way
and the evil person his thoughts;
let him return to Adonai,
and he will have mercy on him;
let him return to our God,
for he will freely forgive.

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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
and your ways are not my ways,” says Adonai.
“As high as the sky is above the earth
are my ways higher than your ways,
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
For just as rain and snow fall from the sky
and do not return there, but water the earth,
causing it to bud and produce,
giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater;
so is my word that goes out from my mouth —
it will not return to me unfulfilled;
but it will accomplish what I intend,
and cause to succeed what I sent it to do.”

Yes, you will go out with joy,
you will be led forth in peace.
As you come, the mountains and hills
will burst out into song,
and all the trees in the countryside
will clap their hands.
Cypresses will grow in place of thorns,
myrtles will grow instead of briars.
This will bring fame to Adonai
as an eternal, imperishable sign. (Isa. 55:3-13)

This passage is particularly meaningful to me. We were blessed to go to Israel some years ago. As I stood beside the Temple Mount’s West Wall, this passage came to mind. It was the first time in my life I truly felt I had come home.


This passage gives us several things to live by. These include;

  • It is by listening and following God we have life; He makes a covenant with us.
  • A nation the Jews do not know, the Gentiles, us, will turn to them for God’s sake.
  • If the wicked abandon their way and return to God, He shows them mercy and forgiveness.
  • God’s ways are beyond our understanding.
  • His word is always fulfilled. We too, reap what we sow. This is seed, plant, harvest.
  • We can take comfort in God’s promise, and His creation remembers it.

We’ve made mistakes, because we’ve forgotten we are to serve God first. When we chose man rather than God, we lose the benefit from His natural rights. This was our choice and not His, but it is not too late to correct such an error. Just confess, repent, and sin no more.

The first such mistake was surrendering our liberty for the sake of a so-called safety. The second accepting our churches closing. There is no such thing as partial power. Civil power can change every thing related to personal liberty and religion, or it can change nothing. If civil power is once permitted to introduce anything into either area through orders, laws, or penalties, then there can be no limits placed upon it. For civil power will simply use what it made lawful to alter every single related thing at its pleasure.

The Virus

Consider the first item. We surrendered our liberty to assemble, socialize, work, and conduct our business for a virus that;

  • Was created in a Chinese lab, incorporating some genetic code from the HIV virus.
  • The CDC stated only about 5% of its listed deaths were from the China virus alone.
  • Infections were identified using an inappropriate test, and its cycle times increased leading to a 97% false positive rate.[1]
  • We in turn purchased masks, test kits, and experimental drugs from China to fight the virus, we bought from the very ones responsible for creating virus.
  • The most vulnerable of our population was deliberately exposed by placing virus patients in long-term care facilities with them.
  • Historically reliable treatments—such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and budesonide—were withheld.
  • The tests and experimental gene therapies used in these efforts contained untested technology, knowingly creating a spike protein within the host compromising the body’s natural immune system.
  • Moderna transferred some of its experimental drug for the virus to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December, 2019, two weeks before the WHO first mentioned the virus. They knew about it and already had their drug in place before the virus outbreak.
  • Despite evidence of the shot’s harmful effects, they continue to be given. Evidence further suggest the real deaths are greater than the official number by a factor of ten.[2]

All for what is essentially a flu or cold virus. This is monstrous. Add the number of suicides, additional mental health issues, job losses, business closings, etc.; and the human toll is staggering. The state and healthcare personnel responsible for these decisions, and those carrying them out, need to be held to account. They supported deploying a bioweapon. And some are still supporting it. They’ve committed crimes against humanity and/or treason.

As to the Church

We seem to have forgotten the word church means assembly, and executive orders prohibited us from doing just that in church. The state civil power denied our natural rights to follow God and assemble in fellowship. All the while some businesses continued to operate. It all came down to what is ‘essential’. Evidently man is, while God is not. The civil authorities making such decisions have violated their duty to serve justly. They are unfit to serve and must be removed.

Further, we will face the same battle again. We’ll just need to wait for the next flu virus, which occurs every year. The only way to correct things, is to lawfully take our power back. We created the government; it did not create us. When it no longer serves us, it is time to restore it. That time is now. It requires us as individuals and a people standing up and acting for what is true and right. Those things come only from God. It is time for us all to come home.


[1] McCullough, Peter, Dr., DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH ON WITH REINER FUELMICH JUNE 11, 2021, Accessed June, 2021.

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