Seed, Plant, Harvest

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Many are asking what is going on today within our country. I’ve mentioned over the last 18 months we are in a war of good versus evil. We reap what we sow as both individuals and a people. I’m leveraging some earlier material to link this idea with today’s events. There is good news. God’s already won; we just need to keep faith, stand, and act as He’s asked.

God’s Names

An earlier article[1] discussed two of God’s names in relation to our purpose. Those names are Elohim and Yahweh. They are the first two names for God mentioned in the Bible. The first refers to God in His fullness. It is the only name mentioned in Genesis 1—a total of 32 times.

Yahweh first appears in Chapter 2, and then not until Man’s creation. It is God’s personal name and shows our relationship with Him. It also conveys God within His system of government and law. The earth, angels, heavens, seas, animals, and plants were all created by Elohim in Genesis 1. Man was created by Yahweh in Genesis 2. Why? Because God breathed His breath into man. Further, God gave man dominion over His creation and instructions for living.

Elohim created and planted a seed through His act of creation. Throughout the Bible, Yahweh always harvests. God’s harvest always occurs when time becomes full. This is true today.

This idea also applies to Man. God created Man in His image. This image includes our ability to reason, but that is not all. Man also creates seed and plants; God still harvests. We create seed through our words and actions. Over time these seeds bear fruit, and Yahweh harvests it.

America’s Great Awakenings

Some years ago, I wrote an article on America’s Great Awakenings. As the article is relevant today, and that site is no longer up, I’m reposting it here.[2] I’ll preface this section by pointing out the following. Israel and America are different from every other country in the world. God chose Israel and made a covenant with them. America chose God in its formation and has a covenant with Him. Seed, plant, and harvest.

America’s first Awakening occurred in the 1730’s. Its leaders include George Whitefield, Cotton and Increase Mather, and Jonathan Edwards. These men, and others, shaped the minds of America’s Founders. The British referred to America’s preachers as the Black Robe Regiment. From this Awakening came our War for Independence and America’s creation. Establishing a society based upon Biblical principles and recognizing our God given individual liberty. Seed, plant, and harvest.

Our second Awakening began in the 1790’s and lasted into the 1830’s. Its leaders included Charles Finney, Jonathan Mayhew, Alexander Campbell, and Barton Stone. Their ideas shaped the minds of those like D.L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, Ira Sankey, and President Garfield. From this awakening came the War Between the States, and the end of slavery and women’s suffrage. Seed, plant, and harvest.

In both cases we recognized an evil, repented, and returned to God. Both wars occurred after all peaceful means of resolving the conflict were exhausted.

The Twentieth Century Difference

America had another Awakening opportunity in the 1930’s. However, this time things were different. We again recognized and removed an evil—fascism. But German intellectual enlightenment infiltrated our education beginning in the 1850’s—critical theory’s basis.[3] Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson used their progressive tenets in building the Administrative State. And America had accepted Franklin Roosevelt’s progressive New Deal. America turned to secular governance instead of God’s. Our religious leaders also called for global government, and supported creating the United Nations. Seed, plant, and harvest.

America is realizing God’s harvest today. When writing the earlier article,[4] I had not yet come across the World Economic Forum and was unaware of the degree to which Satanic worship was being carried out. That is no longer the case. We are again engaged in a war to remove evil, one unlike any we have ever experienced. A war against those who wish to reduce the world’s population from over 7 billion to about 550 million by 2030 and rule that population. But the solution is still the same. Recognize the evil, repent, and return to God.

We see that happening not only in America, but around the world. Look at the freedom marches occurring throughout Europe and elsewhere. We see international tribunals underway for crimes against humanity coming from; the manufactured China virus, government lies and policies making things worse, withholding effective treatments, attempts to persuade/force people to take shots harming them, and election fraud. All are connected. Satan’s time, and those following him, is short. We just need to keep faith, stand, and do what is right. Seed, plant, and harvest.

Another Difference

Today’s Awakening opportunity is special in other ways. I’ve previously written about the significance of last year’s Hanukkah and Christmas,[5] and this year’s Passover and Easter. We are also reaching the end of a celestial age.

Revelation tells of a woman with a crown of twelve stars giving birth to a son. A dragon attempts to devour the child, but God snatches up the child and the woman is taken care of for 1,260 days. (Rev. 12:1-6) September, 2017 saw this prophecy fulfilled when Jupiter (the king planet) left the constellation Virgo (the virgin). Three planets joined the constellation Leo (twelve stars total) above her head during this time. While this sign has happened before, it has not been in conjunction with the other events just mentioned. March 6, 2021 marked 1,260 days from Jupiter’s birth in 2017.

Satan and his angels are thrown down; God is victorious. (Rev. 12:7-12) I believe God’s glory is about to return to the earth. His Church will also be reborn. But there is yet another detail.

A Transition of Ages

About every two thousand years or so, there is a transition from one age to another. The last was during Jesus’ life. We transitioned to the age of Pisces. We became fishers of men. Every age also has a corresponding sign of revelation. This past age’s was the virgin—Virgo. Christ came in part so we could regain our identity by being reborn. He came into a world with corrupt government and religious structures—Imperial Rome, King Herod, and the Sanhedrin. There were forty years between the crucifixion and Jerusalem’s destruction by Rome.

Today we are again passing into another age. We are moving into the age of Aquarius—the water bearer. We are to prepare the way for the return of the King. (Isa. 40:3-5) To do that we need to learn and follow God’s ways (Prov. 8) We are to pour out God’s spirit through our lives. And this new age’s sign of revelation is Leo. We are to speak and act as a lion, in truth and boldness. God’s church remembers the lamb, but has largely forgotten the lion. Seed, plant, and harvest.

We live in an amazing time. We are not to fear, but put our faith in the Lord. I pray we create seed producing an abundant harvest. Shalom.


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