Several Religious Liberty Cases on Supreme Court Docket

West facade of the Supreme Court Building Photo Credit Franz Jantzen

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October 7, 2020

1A: Several religious liberty cases on Supreme Court docket – faith-based exemption from antidiscrimination laws by a private foster care agency, etc.

Discrimination: The LGBT wars continue -“Virginia Forces Christian Ministries to Adopt ‘Government Ideology’ or Pay $100K”

1A Religion, etc.: court granting a divorce under state law does not deprive husband (who argued for Lebanese law to apply) of his right to free exercise of religion (Maryland)

1A: Satanic group declares abortion a ‘religious ritual’, sues sign company over refusal to put up billboards

  • You can laugh at this or realize groups like this are the shock troops in the culture wars.  They will use the Constitution whenever they can to destroy absolutely everything.

1A: UChicago best school for free speech, First Amendment group says
1A,Elections Clause: federal judge rules Minnesota mask mandate does not violate free speech even though it prevents the non-wearing of masks to protest the mandate. Plus, the mandate does not rise to the level of regulating the time, place, or manner of elections.

2A: ‘We don’t need guns; we have the police.’ But, “When the government refuses to stop looting and rioting, armed self-defense is the only deterrent.” #WagesOfWoke

2A: Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to Nebraska law prohibiting juveniles who commit offenses from possessing firearms until age 25
2A: federal judge orders L.A. to pay NRA $150,000 in legal fees for case ending in city ordinance requiring businesses to disclose ties to the NRA being struck down
2A: undercover sting video shows Arizona Democrat candidate hiding true gun control agenda
4A: police ruse to lure man home so they could search him and his car – which were not covered by the warrant unless in close proximity to his residence – ruled an unreasonable search and seizure in child pornography case (9th Circuit)

Discrimination: “Applying a disparate impact standard to school disciplinary policies is both unlawful and unwise….” A “neutral policy” should not be subject to racial quotas preventing discipline for students who should get it.

14A Due Process: it violates Due Process for prosecutor to repeatedly state, and judge to endorse, that the presumption of innocence no longer applies in a case (9th Circuit)

Separation of Powers: federal judge temporarily blocks Trump administration broad suspension of work visas – meant to protect American workers in the wake of COVID – as exceeding power delegated from Congress

State Constitutions: Michigan Supreme Court rules Governor exceeded her authority under the state constitution in extending emergency pandemic orders after the legislature declined to do so

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