Sin-Affirming Christians are Biggest Threat at ‘Pride’ Events

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Linda Harvey | WND

Do people who identify as homosexual or transgendered deserve to be shot in cold blood? Of course not. And when this happens, as it did on Sunday morning in Orlando, it’s a horrific and needless tragedy.

America is a nation of laws, and even though many conservative Christians oppose the normalization of sexually immoral behaviors, not one person I know would ever recommend or condone violent actions. We would all try to help save these lives if called upon.

No, the person responsible adheres to an ideology that encourages bloodshed. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, a registered Democrat and ISIS ally, was the gunman at the Pulse Orlando homosexual nightclub. He too died at the scene, a victim of his death-centered beliefs.

Do not let any journalist get away with connecting this violent incident by a committed jihadist to conservatives, Christians, those who stand against homosexual behavior, or to Republicans. There is no linkage.

What is true is that the left needs to stop its unsupportable defense of the “peace” narrative of Islam while it advocates the denial of religious freedom to Christians. Its ire is pointed in the wrong direction.

My condolences go out to the injured, to those who lost family and loved ones. The hearts of many mothers are breaking today.

All that being said, America needs to speak out against the damage the homosexual “pride” attitude brings to America. And I am saying, speak – not shoot, not physically attack. We can act through lawful means and through the power of persuasion, freedoms that we still have, praise God.

Proud homosexual rebellion is taking many people’s lives to the edge of eternal danger but, unfortunately, people who call themselves Christians are now jumping in front of this parade with a twisted version of the gospel, one that poses a great threat: becoming comfortable with God-offending sins.

Alan Chambers, former president of Exodus International, marched proudly in Washington, D.C., on June 11 in the capital homosexual “pride” parade.

Chambers joined the contingent from the Washington National Cathedral. Yes, the leaders of that historic congregation now march proudly for deviant sexuality. On Sunday morning, June 12, Chambers addressed the congregation at the pro-homosexual cathedral.

Trey Pearson, self-labeled Christian rock musician, has also chosen to honor defiant sin as he headlines the Columbus, Ohio, “pride” festival on June 17.

It’s Father’s Day weekend, but Trey has abandoned the home where he was father to his two children and husband to his wife. Pearson is diving headfirst into the homosexual life and violating the promises he made before God.

Alan Chambers is an out-and-proud sin apologist, standing now against counseling to help people overcome same-sex attractions. Has God become unable to change people’s ungodly desires?

“It broke my heart to think people felt like they had to leave their faith in order to embrace their sexuality or their sexual identity, because that’s not God,” he said in a recent interview.

Which god is he talking about? The theme of Capital Pride was “Make Magic Happen.” The kickoff party was called “Hex.” But perhaps no serious reference to pagan spirituality was intended.

The D.C. weekend featured a fundraiser for “sex workers” (prostitutes) and a party for youth “24 and under.” How far under? Did 24-year-old homosexuals socialize with 12-year-olds? Who supervises this stuff? Does Alan Chambers think this is cool?

I won’t attend the Columbus event to hear Pearson. But I looked at my photos and notes from past parades, and here’s a quick sample of the peer group and climate Trey Pearson is eagerly embracing.

(Warning: Graphic descriptions may be offensive to some readers.)

  • Topless females. There was also one bare-chested female-to-male transgender wannabe in 2014, displaying the scars where her breasts had been removed.
  • Exposed buttocks both in the parade and among bystanders. This is not the St. Patrick’s Day parade, at least not yet.
  • Leather and chains on scantily clad males, gyrating suggestively to pounding dance music
  • Many males dressed as females, some in female underwear (e.g., a red bra and garter belt)
  • Signs with mocking or confused Christian doctrine: “Jesus Had Two Daddies and He Turned Out OK”; “David Loved Jonathan”
  • Chipotle’s vulgar floats: “So Big You Can Ride It!” and “Big Bucking Burrito” – featuring a male astride an oblong silver object

I took one photo of a little girl marching with adults from Equality Ohio. She turned her head and looked quite shocked at her eye-level view of a male whose “parts” are very visible through revealing speedos.

Is this where Jesus wants Trey Pearson to serve?

Three believers and I passed out small flyers at last year’s parade. We wished everyone a “Happy Father’s Day” (since it was Father’s Day weekend) before handing each this message:

“Your Father, God Almighty, made you and loves you (Psalm 139). You were not a mistake. Yet no person was created for homosexuality, or to become the opposite sex.

“The Bible always calls this behavior sin (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-27, Deuteronomy 22:5), and it’s even a sin to approve of others who are involved (Romans 1:32).

“Jesus defined marriage as one man and one woman. (Matthew 19:4-5). Do you want to please God? You can repent from any sin! The Lord will forgive you, heal you and restore you.

“Please, please, think! Love God and be grateful for His truth and mercy. When you meet Jesus, what will you say? (Philippians 2:9-11)”

This is what Christians do, in contrast with the tactics of ISIS. Yet one woman insisted it was “hate speech.”

So what are the sins of “pride” events? Far beyond sexual sin alone, it’s worthwhile to heed the message in Proverbs 17:15: “He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.”

The biggest threat to these proud sinners is those who don’t tell the truth.


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