end times

Prophetically Appointed Day and Hour

China the “king of the kings of the East.” scheduled to gather all others within its Oriental orbit for the movement to the Euphrates—the apparent barrier separating the Oriental and Occidental worlds.

What Is Satan’s Five-Part Plan to Destroy America?

Satan has a five-part plan to disrupt and destroy the United States of America and other Western societies, targeting the family unit, the sanctity of life, destroying individual identity by sowing confusion and dividing society so they turn against one another.

Tribulation Temple Clock Ticking…

The Third Temple, the subject of this commentary, is one of the prophetic signs illuminated through the prophetic Word of God. God’s prophets—of whom Jesus, the Son of God, the Second Person of the Godhead, is greatest—foretells things to come with unerring clarity.

Death/Rapture Timing

God created time for mankind on earth. Time, in that regard, is linear. It stretches from one of its ends to the other. God is outside of time