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Recap of America Rededicated to God at 1607 First Landing Anniversary

Commemorating the covenant invoked by Rev. Robert Hunt when the first English settlers landed in Virginia in late April, 1607, hundreds of God-fearing patriots from across America and beyond gathered in Virginia Beach on April 26 to rededicate the embattled nation to God and beg for His forgiveness. Hundreds of thousands tuned in from all over the United States and across the globe as the event was livestreamed worldwide in 72 languages.

Free Livestreaming: The First Landing 1607 Team: “Declaration of Covenant” Event: April 26, Virginia Beach

Don Blake, founder of the Virginia Christian Alliance, has made it his goal to secure a legislative Resolution for an Annual First Landing Day in Virginia Beach and to have the best website on the history of First Landing. Website designer Robert Agee and wife, Jaime, founders of Banners 4 Freedom, have made that magnificent website a reality and have spearheaded the planning of the event and the production of the First Landing documentary. View the First Landing promo video on the website.