Tribulation Rising: The Globalists Need a War

The Church is restraining much present-day evil. That means that you and I are on a rescue mission presently. We are called to win the lost while there is time, and to occupy until He comes! What a privilege—and a challenge—to be born for such a time as this, as we see all things fall into place.

Summoning Gog?

We who are in Christ don’t have to be concerned with knowing who will be the chief prince of Meshach and Tubal any more than we have to be concerned with knowing who will be the son of perdition when he steps onto the stage of history.

The Most Critical Time in Biblical History

Join Mondo and Bill Koenig as they discuss the intensity in the geopolitical arena all around the world. From Ukraine to Russia to the Middle East, there are many prophetic irons in the fire so to speak. Bill as always gives incredible insight and boots on the ground analysis.