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Terry James | Prophecy Line

Many have speculated over the years about who will be Antichrist. We’ve heard names going back to Hitler, Mussolini, JFK, King Juan Carlos, Prince Charles, Kissinger, Reagan, Trump, Obama, Macron, and now Ukraine’s Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, with a few other names sprinkled in between. None have, so far, fit the bill as that wicked man of sin.

But with regard to the one who will be Gog of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, the naming of that leader who is prophetically scheduled to lead the assault against Israel seems almost a certainty.

I must include myself in looking rather intensely at one Vladimir Putin as a quite likely candidate for the one into whose jaws God will put the hooks to draw him and his forces down over the mountains of Israel. That is, the Russian Federation president—at the moment, at least—appears to be a prime candidate for being that chief prince of Meshack and Tubal.

Yet, if I were a betting man, as they say, I wouldn’t lay too much down on him in making that wager. Unfolding history has a way of making look foolish those who place too much faith in their own ability to predict prophetic events. Such will likely be the fate of those who invest all in predicting that Vlad is the man possessed of the Gog spirit.

Nonetheless, it is said by some that Mr. Putin has already been indwelt by the Gog demon, recently up from the abyss. And he certainly does act as if he is possessed, his sudden, explosive aggression—without anyone or anything apparently poking the Russian bear—inflicting death and destruction on the people of Ukraine.

Oh, he is said to have unleashed his forces because of Ukraine being courted by NATO as a prospective future member of the organization. But that is an unlikely thing to develop. More likely it involves Putin, a former KGB colonel who has expressed several times that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst thing to have happened in history. He wants to be seen as a re-emerged, Soviet-style hero in beginning to regather the USSR as formerly constituted.

The prospects for his being that leader of the forces destined for destruction on the mountains of Israel were enhanced considerably when one of Putin’s diplomats made it known that Russia no longer considers the Golan and other areas sovereign territory belonging to Israel. We can extrapolate from that diplomatic note that Russia considers that area—an area recently found to be rich in gas and oil deposits—a legitimate target in the future. Wow! It sure looks like it’s all coming together.

My friend Mark sent an article the other day that goes even further in congealing the likelihood of Mr. Putin being that Russian leader who is either now or who will in the future be possessed by that evil spirit from the abyss—the demon that will make the chief prince of Meshach and Tubal have that “evil thought” to attack God’s chosen nation, as foretold by the prophet Ezekiel.

Mr. Putin seems to have a cheerleading group of the dark-dimension sort rooting for him.

The following excerpt of that fascinating article Mark sent explains.

On March 12, about 100 self-described witches gathered at an indoor facility to call upon supernatural entities, and presumably the forces of darkness, to strengthen Russian President Vladimir Putin and help him in his invasion of Ukraine, reported Asia News.

The witches wore dark capes and hoods, and recited incantations.

Aljona Polin, Russia’s leading witch and founder of the Great Witches of Russia association, according to Asia News, said, “Those who hear, but do not hear, those who see, but do not see, those who are there, were there and will be there, will not forget my word: raise the strength of Russia, direct our President Vladimir Putin on the path of justice.”

“Let the great strength of Russia manifest itself,” Aljona intoned. The other witches responded, “Indeed.”

In the middle of the room where the witches gathered there was a shawl with a picture of Putin on it, next to a candle…

“The ritual lasted about 20 minutes in all, with a final physical connection of all the witches joining hands and energies, entering into a spiritual connection with Putin himself,” reported Asia News. (“Witches Gather in Moscow to Support Putin, Curse His Enemies,” by Michael W. Chapman, CNS NEWS March 15, 2022)

Whether or not the evil Gog spirit has been summoned by this coven, the short-of-stature but enormous-of-ego Putin, in considering the one who will be that leader of Rosh, sure looks interesting, doesn’t he?

Even so, don’t bet the farm on it is good advice. Let’s just watchas commanded (Mark 13: 37) and look for the blessed hope (Titus 2: 13).

We who are in Christ don’t have to be concerned with knowing who will be the chief prince of Meshach and Tubal any more than we have to be concerned with knowing who will be the son of perdition when he steps onto the stage of history. We will be triumphantly within the ark of safety provided by our Lord and Savior.

For when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your head, for your redemption draws near. (Luke 21:28)


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