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A whistleblower report, originally provided to Congress in January of last year, accused the military of ignoring or failing to take seriously accounts of COVID vaccine injuries among service members.  You will recall the Defense Department mandated the vaccine for all service members and denied most claims for exemptions.

COVID vaccine injuries reported by military personnel included vertigo, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, and tinnitus.  An Air Force reservist had a stroke after being vaccinated and suffered career-ending eye problems after a second dose.  An Air Force fighter pilot instructor was diagnosed with heart inflammation.  The instructor had applied for an exemption due to previous adverse reactions to other vaccines, but was told no.  Another service member was told, “The chief medical doc on base literally told me, ‘While you’re the perfect candidate for an exemption, we’ve been directed to deny all medical requests.’”  Others were told “there’s no way the vax caused their symptoms.”  The military even harassed soldiers who refused to get vaccinated.

The military stuck its head in the sand despite a June 2021 DOD study finding high rates of heart inflammation among previously healthy male service members who were vaccinated.  Also, an Army medical officer noticed big increases in a military medical database of cancers, tumors, blood clots, male infertility, and other problems coinciding with COVID vaccination in 2021.  The Defense Department went back and changed the numbers in earlier years in the database to make 2021 look normal, the whistleblower alleged. 

Critics accuse the military of minimizing and covering up COVID vaccine injuries to protect the Biden administration’s phony narrative the vaccines are ‘safe and effective’. 

The military is not the only agency pushing the ‘safe and effective’ narrative while covering up contrary information. 

The CDC knew adverse event reports were flooding in, but waited 15 months before doing its first safety signal studies on the data.

The FDA found possible heart problems with a COVID vaccine in early 2021, but waited five months to reveal the information to the public and ten more months to submit a study for publication. 

The FAA loosened its standards for acceptable heart performance among pilots, but refused to release the data behind its decision when a media outlet asked for it. 

The CDC found a safety signal for stroke in the elderly receiving the Pfizer vaccine, but then unidentified officials said the signal disappeared after the agency used a different statistical test.  A medical professor criticized the CDC’s flip-flop, saying “you can’t just run different stat tests until you get the result you want.”  A CDC official then offered the excuse the agency didn’t want to publicize the stroke signal because it could “fuel anti-vaccine sentiment….”  Ya think?  The CDC won’t respond further or explain why it’s withholding the safety signal data. 

The FDA also performs safety signal studies, using a different statistical formula.  It won’t release records showing the results of their data mining, claiming the results are just preliminary deliberative discussions and, therefore, not disclosable – a common agency argument in Freedom of Information Act cases.

These agencies are hiding behind statistical hogwash when a published critique put them on notice their methodologies were flawed and failing to show obvious safety problems with the COVID vaccines.  The critique was brought to the CDC’s attention, but the agency ignored it.

Which brings me to my own FOIA suit in federal court.  I want the records showing what decisions officials high up in the CDC, FDA, and overall HHS leadership – including the cabinet secretary – made about whether or not to study the obvious safety problems with COVID vaccines.  The Justice Department is fighting me tooth and nail, but I will stay on the case until I get the records I want or the court decides I can’t have them.

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