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The War on Parents is heating up. 

A public middle school in Connecticut suspended a school nurse for revealing online the school was secretly gender-transitioning kids without their parents’ knowledge.  The nurse said the school was giving puberty blockers to kids and starting the process of confusing kids about their gender in kindergarten.  Teachers, social workers, and school administrators are all part of the program.

In suspending the nurse, the school said some remarkable things:  It is the school’s job, not the parents’ job, to be the caretakers of children.  Further, schools and not the parents must provide for the health, well-being, and social and emotional development of children. 

That’s just stunning.  The job of the parents, I guess, is to just shut up and pay the taxes that make all this insanity possible.  Not to mention, as ‘birthing persons’, to turn out new lab rats for professional left-wing activists’ social engineering experiments. 

Connecticut isn’t the only place where this insurrection is taking place.  New reports have come in about public schools in New Jersey forcing students to learn about transgender hormone therapy without their parents’ knowledge or consent, and secret gender-transitioning occurring in schools in California, Wisconsin, and Florida.  Federal support for this began in the Obama administration.  The Biden administration just yesterday picked up where Obama left off, affirming puberty blockers and irreversible sex-change surgery for children. 

In Texas, the state Attorney General informed the Austin school district it was breaking state law by holding Pride Week events that provided sex education to students without parental consent.  The schools encouraged students to keep the content of the instruction secret from their parents.  “What we say in this room stays in this room,” pre-K through second graders were told.  The schools fired back against the Attorney General, telling him they want their “LGBTQIA+ students to know that we are proud of them and that we will protect them against political attacks.” 

So public schools in Texas and Connecticut are NOT SORRY for driving wedges between children and their parents, or for signing kids up for political agendas, specifically, the sexual revolution and the fundamental transformation of this horrible rotten place we call America.  Public schools in Eau Claire, Wisconsin aren’t sorry, either.  According to them, parents are not entitled to know about their child’s sexuality at all, UNLESS the parents are fully on board with the schools’ left-wing agenda to completely destroy society in order to save it.  If the parents will support the political agenda, then and only then can they be brought into the loop and be told about their children.

Here are the consequences of keeping parents in the dark and claiming it’s not their job to worry about the mental health of their children: 

A California teen committed suicide after being coached by her high school on how to get hormone treatment and sex-change surgery when she should have been referred for treatment for her depression.  The mother blames the school, which kept everything secret, for her daughter’s death. 

Anybody who opposes any of this insanity is branded a domestic terrorist by our federal government.  Schools in Fairfax County, Virginia asked for proposals to collect intelligence on parents.  The contract calls for monitoring social media posts, identifying parents by their real names, and mapping out all their associations.  The funny thing about Fairfax is, all the school board members are professional left-wing activists.  There is not even one parent on that school board. 

Are you starting to get the picture? 

I’ve documented several times the communist roots of all this.   I’ll tell you who the real terrorists are – professional left-wing activist teachers, school administrators, and school board members who will stop at nothing – even espionage – to pursue their left-wing agendas and tear everything down until there’s nothing left. 

It’s no accident communist theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich were the ones who ushered in the sexual revolution.  And it’s no accident another communist theorist Georgi Lukacs called it “cultural terrorism”.   

None of this has anything to do with education or children’s well-being.  it all has to do with a communist program to destroy America.   If that doesn’t bother you, and you just keep sitting on your couch eating bonbons, I guarantee you, pretty soon, you won’t have an America left to eat bonbons in.

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