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Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was questioned by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.  Republicans disputed her answers on critical race theory and sentencing for child pornography.

Senator Ted Cruz zeroed in on critical race theory, pointing out that Judge Jackson sits on the board of a private school in Georgetown that teaches CRT.  “If you look at the Georgetown Day School’s curriculum, it is filled and overflowing with critical race theory,” Cruz said, singling out a book that teaches white babies are racists.  Judge Jackson fobbed off, saying she has nothing to do with the school’s curriculum.  She also claimed to reject the idea, saying, “Senator, I do not believe that any child should be made to feel as though they are racist or as though they are not valued … that they are victims or they are oppressors.”  So will she resign her board seat now that she knows her school teaches just the opposite?  Don’t hold your breath.

So the War on Parents continues, in Georgetown and elsewhere.  In Santa Barbara, teachers can access instructional materials from Black Lives Matter in a secret teacher portal online.  You know, the trained Marxists who said on their website they want to destroy the family?  A school district in Virginia has a secret program for elementary school students to experiment with transgenderism.   A private schools association is pushing transgenderism and other explicit LGBTQ content to children as young as four years old.  Disney employees walked out yesterday to protest what they consider to be the CEO’s inadequate response to Florida’s new legislation to prevent the sexualization of very young children in school – the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.   The Biden administration wants to end a Trump effort to collect data on teachers who commit sex crimes against their students.  A Michigan school district has the discretion to allow an assistant principal out on bail on child sex crimes to return to work at school pending trial. 

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Secret programs to sexualize very young children, failing to keep predator teachers away from kids – does all this sound right to you?  It sounds outrageous to me. 

But it’s all OK because they’re not your kids, anyway; they’re state property, right?  York schools in Pennsylvania joined former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and several others who have recently said parents should not have any say in what is taught in school, the state takes precedence over parents.  A York school board member said in January parents don’t know what is best for children and schools don’t work for the parents.  A writer for New York Magazine called parents “household tyrants”. 

So, you’re kids aren’t your kids, they’re OUR kids and, what’s more, they’re just playthings, fodder for our far-left sexual and racial agendas.  An advocacy group which promotes the LGBTQ agenda said, “there’s no such thing as other people’s children.”

I wish I could take all this seriously, but I can’t.  I see how destructive it is and how it is all derived from Marxism.  Critical race theory taught in Georgetown Day School and elsewhere, as I’ve documented many times before, is derived from critical theory, which was invented by Frankfurt School cultural Marxists for the express purpose of tearing society apart.  Transgender activists explicitly tell you on video their goal is to use transgenderism as a bludgeon to usher in a communist society.  Communist theorist Georgi Lukacs preached a sexual revolution to bring about communism.  Karl Marx himself said, “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

So it seems like all these insane ideas for sexualizing young children only came up in the last 15 minutes, but they’ve been in the works by communist planners for decades.  Now that you know where this is all coming from and that Marxist revolutionaries have seized control in this area, what are you going to do about it? 

Parents, the Left has pulled out all the stops to get this done.  It’s a fight to the finish.  But if you love your children, and don’t want to see the state corrupt them and destroy society in the process, you will stand up and fight. 

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