The Fossil Record Supports Creationism


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A letter to the editor of The Roanoke Times Opinion

The Fossil Record Supports Creationism

Garry Trudeau states in his April 20, 2003 comic strip “Doonesbury (really, a leftist commentary” that President Bush, by not believing in evolution “has closed his mind to vast areas of human experience and knowledge.”

He also insinuated that Bush is igorant (a common liberal mistake).

Darwin_monkeyThere are many Ph.D. scientists in all fields of science who do significant scientific research apart from accepting evolution.  Would Trudeau call these men and women ignorant?

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Contrary to his statements, it’s the evolutionist who “closes his mind” to scientific data refuting evolution. The evolutionist actually stifles scientific inquiry, opposing his belief that nonliving chemicals became life and that this life eventually became mankind.

The current scientific law of biogenesis-life only comes from other life-has to be ignored by the evolutionist.  Even Darwin lacked the millions of transitional fossils between kinds of animals required for this hypothesis.

Today, we have 150 more years of fossil excavations, discovering millions of fossils, and still lack the millions of fossils, having only a few highly diputable ones.  Therefore, current scientific law and the fossil record support the only alternative to evolution-creation.

Ronald S. Bessette

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