The ‘LGBT’ House Of Horrors For Kids

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Linda Harvey |WND

Linda Harvey rips parents who enable amputations, hormones for children.

It’s ghastly and menacing, fiendish and chilling. Have we entered a Halloween haunted house?

No, we’re navigating the horrifying and ugly world of American sexuality, which is becoming an outright freak show. Our increasingly bizarre youth culture now conjures up the godless spirit of Halloween every day to molest the souls of vulnerable kids.

But wait – surely no one can object to the merriment of Halloween! Yes, the fantasy is tinged with wickedness, but costumes are such a delight, and everyone cheers about makeovers, even if they border on the macabre. After all, this is postmodern America, where Bruce Jenner, aka “Caitlyn,” was just named “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine.

So considering our vanishing discernment and flirtation with nightmares, it’s no wonder some of our children are leaping beyond dress-up and play-acting. Real life is a trick and fantasy is a treat, the sexually confused youth believes. But these youngsters will inevitably pay a high price because adults don’t say “no” but instead cooperate with childish, yet monstrous delusions.

A 12- year- old lacrosse player declared himself to be “gay” back in August, and ESPN broadcast this to the whole world. There goes any chance for this boy to grow up in privacy and be allowed the freedom to change his mind. No, that would be homophobic. Better to trap him with this false label for the good of the movement. Denying one’s actual male heterosexual biology is heroic and courageous in the truth-free “LGBT” parallel universe.

And the sports media’s embrace of this anti-male, child-threatening agenda is a baffling voodoo trick in and of itself.

A 17-year-old Chicago girl recently had healthy breasts amputated because she read about the possibility of becoming “transgendered” and decided this was the answer to her depression and suicidal tendencies – and her parents said, “Well, OK.” So Emily is now called “Emmett” and has just begun hormone therapy to (supposedly) become a male.

Which will never happen. It’s all a sham, and our children are the innocent victims. This child was advised and treated by Lurie Children’s Hospital and homosexual HIV-positive pediatrician Dr. Robert Garofalo.

Similarly, “Gavin” Grimm, a wannabe boy in Gloucester County, Virginia, has launched a battle over her demand to invade the privacy of boys in their school restroom. A federal judge ruled this summer that Title IX sex discrimination federal law does not apply, unlike the ACLU and the Obama administration maintain.

Title IX is based on biological, not imaginary gender. So this girl has now sued for a new judge, presumably one less in touch with reality.

Welcome to sexual-anarchist America, where it’s Halloween every day. And it’s just as spooky and godless as the real Halloween on Oct. 31.

Demonic spirits are hard at work in the souls of many confused, defenseless children, seducing them to embrace nightmares of mutilated identity and dehumanizing sexual practices.

Gender distortion is being encouraged at ever-younger ages by some physicians. Yet mental health is not improved by the masquerade of gender change, and 41 percent will still attempt suicide compared to less than 5% of the general population.

Boys can now be homecoming queens, and the Girl Scouts now say “yes” to boys posing as girls. We will cooperate with your fantasy, is the GSA official position. Real girls in the same troop simply have to swallow this poisoned apple as their own femininity is thereby distorted.

Misguided physicians are the witchdoctors casting these disastrous spells. Syracuse teen Caden Boone had genital surgery last spring. He now calls himself Katherine, or Kat, and confusingly claims he’s a lesbian.

Caden’s parents consulted a surgeon in Pennsylvania, a man who has “become” a woman called Dr. Christine McGinn. McGinn has performed surgeries on 30 teens under age 18. Teens who undergo hormone therapy and surgery will be sterile for life.

Welcome to the “LGBT” house of horrors for kids. Yet homosexual advocates like the Human Rights Campaign want to ban “conversion therapy” because they maintain it would be cruel to encourage a teen with same-sex attractions to veer toward heterosexuality.

Heterosexuality does not require surgery or hormones. And yet these advocates claim they are encouraging these kids to “be who they are.” How do they get away with such obvious lies?

In June, Laverne Cox, a man posing as a woman and who stars in the Netflix program “Orange is the New Black,” gave encouragement to a young fan – a 7-year-old boy who calls himself “trans” and is already dressing as a girl, with foolhardy guidance from his mom.

But 7 is old compared to 5-year old Ryland Whittington, a girl whose parents have encouraged her new identity as a male. The family received an award for their “courage” at a homosexual event in San Diego in May.

What I wonder is how these parents are going to explain to their adult children, some of whom will change their minds, why they were allowed to permanently disfigure themselves through amputation of healthy body parts.

They will demand answers from their parents about why they were not dissuaded from such life-altering actions, when research clearly shows two realities: that even after “transition,” those who are transgendered are still highly likely to attempt suicide.

And two, if left alone, 70-80 percent of these confused children will grow up to live comfortably as the biological males and females they are.

Would parents go to these lengths if there were not evil physicians ready to perform these surgeries or to prescribe these dangerous hormones?

Would these parents find another solution– like patience– if there were not homosexual advocacy groups available for “support”? Satan loves to “help” those who are persuaded they are victims.

It’s the lie of Halloween all year long. Only the love and truth of Jesus Christ – and the real Holy Spirit, instead of deceiving spirits – will turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children.


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