Confronting the Ideology of the Revoice Movement

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A Little Leaven: Confronting the Ideology of the Revoice Movement

Whether you’ve been a pastor for a few years or most of your life, you know there seems to be no issue more controversial than that of sexuality. Wrong views about sex and sinful surrendering to cultural norms are two powerful weapons Satan has used to attack our people and undermine the church’s witness in this world. We must be ready to face the challenge head-on.
Have you been keeping up with how the theological debate around homosexuality has been changing? It used to be when someone asked if there was such a thing as a “gay Christian,” the question would be met with a clear and resounding NO. “For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14)

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But there is a new group that has emerged within conservative evangelical churches—the Revoice movement—that is taking a different approach to that kind of question.

The Revoice movement is a group of “same-sex attracted Christians” who want to see the church adjust its approach to homosexuality in light of secular psychology, sociology, and LGBT experience. Revoice claims to be orthodox because it calls homosexual behavior sinful; however, proponents of this movement offer nuanced and misleading answers to many key questions in the debate, such as:

• What is same-sex attraction and is it sinful?
• Are people born gay and is it possible to overcome homosexual desires?
• Does it matter if a Christian chooses to identify with the LGBTQ+ acronym?

This is why AFA has put together this timely resource, A Little Leaven: Confronting the Ideology of the Revoice Movement. This detailed paper by M.D. Perkins (AFA Research Fellow of Church and Culture) gives an overview of the movement, the key arguments made by its leaders, and the biblical refutation to their positions. It gives a much-needed rebuke to the many false teachings being subtly introduced throughout the evangelical church.

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