The Supreme Court Must Be Stopped

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The recent rulings removed all doubt, if there ever was any, that the Supreme Court is solidly pro-homosexual as well as its existing record of being pro-abortion. The rulings against DOMA and in favor of homosexual marriages, soon will filter down to all states, through dozens of local court cases. Gays will not only be given equality in marriage, they have already been granted a special status through our hate crime laws.

320px-SCOTUSbuilding 1st Street SEThese will apply to anyone that offends, or allegedly intimidates, a gay person. We can expect a de facto affirmative action where if a gay person is not selected for any purpose and a Christian is, that would on its face be evidence of discrimination. A court challenge would be inevitable.

The Supreme Court must be challenged as the self-appointed god of the nation. The best way to challenge may be through the Roe v Wade ruling where the Court’s errors are so clear. Any local Sheriff, or better yet, a state’s Attorney General, could declare that abortion is murder and all abortion clinics in his area are immediately closed. This would be completely legal because the highest law of the land, The Constitution, guarantees every human being the right to life. If a state law, federal law, or a court, declares abortion legal, it is not a valid law because it violates the Constitution. This is obviously an extreme measure and would require great courage on the part of the officials involved. But what other solution is there when the highest court in the land becomes corrupt?

This nation, for over 300 years, starting with the Mayflower Cmpact in 1620, has always been a nation that recognized our Christian God. Nearly every public document for over 200 years included the acknowledgement that we were a Christian nation. Our Supreme Court recognized this as well as recognizing that marriage was between one man and one woman.

In 1962 the Supreme Court falsely claimed a high and impregnable wall existed between church and state and they threw God and the Bible out of the public schools and public arena. The Court then set themselves up as the new god of the nation. They lied, and claimed they didn’t know when a new life begins. They introduced the meaningless term “potential life” and wrote new laws, a function only of the legislature. The illegal ruling led to the American holocaust of over 50 million babies killed in the womb, by choice. The Court is clearly out of control and in violation of the Christian principles that took this nation, in 300 years, from a wilderness to the greatest nation on earth.
If we as a people do not challenge and stop the immoral, anti-Christian rulings that have been destroying a once great Christian nation, there is serious doubt that this nation will survive.

Bnowers1William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry, and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors


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