Virginia Children’s Locker Rooms and Showers Open to the Opposite Sex?

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“It’s about the Children”

The media, lobbyists, Democrats, and spineless Republicans have already determined the narrative, parameters, and outcome for Bob Marshall’s House Bill 1612, known as the Physical Privacy Act.  They call it the “bathroom bill”, all opposition is “bigoted and hateful”, and “the bill will die in committee”.  As Speaker Bill Howell said, “It’s just Bob being Bob.”  The more you learn about the bill, thank goodness it is “Bob being Bob”.

 What parents, grandparents, and others don’t know is that not passing HB 1612 could eventually open Virginia’s public school locker rooms, showers, and hotel s on overnight stays to members of the opposite sex.  You heard it correctly. 

Is it accurate to call HB 1612 the “bathroom bill”? NO, it’s about coed locker rooms and showers!  Is it hateful to believe that children should be protected from harm?  Absolutely not!  If this bill dies in committee, then it may be our fault for not holding elected officials accountable.  Most VA legislators ran on family values; not protecting a family’s children or women using Interstate rest stops mocks their campaign rhetoric.

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It is time to act.  HB 1612 will be discussed in the Committee of General Laws within 2 weeks.  Please call or email all members of the committee (see attachment).  Call your own Delegate and tell them that the safety, privacy, and well-being of all of Virginia’s children and women must be protected.  Your voice needs to be heard.  For the sake of common sense, now is the time to speak up.  Call every member of the committee.  Email them as well.

Several talking points:

  • Every 13 year old girl should be protected from males watching her shower or change her clothes.
  • Common decency and privacy rights should be exercised in public school, college, and university locker rooms.
  • Women should feel safe when using an Interstate rest area, day or night, without being concerned that a man might lawfully enter the women’s rest room.
  • One in 4 women has been a victim of sexual abuse.  Keep them from being re-injured.
  • Stop more women from being added to the long list of sexual assault sufferers.

For the sake of children and women, please do two things. #1 – Call and email every committee member.  #2 – Share this email with your sphere of influence.

Thank you and remember, “It’s about the Children”… and women.

 Continue to make a difference,

Travis Witt

To read the bill:

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