Virginia Christian Alliance: ‘People should have the right not to hire immoral people’

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.By Chris Thomas

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Two new bills that protect gay people in the work place are making progress at the state capitol, but not everyone is celebrating. The Virginia Christian Alliance is slamming the legislation that passed the Senate, and now heads to the House of Delegates.

“People should have the right not to hire immoral people,” said Don Blake with the Virginia Christian Alliance.

Virginia senators just approved a bill that would prevent workplace discrimination against all public employees based on sexual orientation. Blake feels the bill is unfair to employers.

“The homosexual lifestyle is immoral,” said Blake. “It will always be immoral, and so they should not be forced to hire people and work with people who are active in an immoral lifestyle.”

Senate Bill 785 passed with bi-partisan support Tuesday. Equality Virginia suggests the move makes good business sense.

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“It’s because you want inclusive and open work places,” said James Parrish who is executive director of Equality Virginia. “It’s making sure that you can’t be fired or not hired in this state as a public or state employee based on your sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Senate Bill 1211 also passed the Senate. It updates the language in Virginia code to reflect marriage is not just between a man and woman anymore. It seems even clarifying the language to reflect the new reality of marriage in Virginia to include spouse instead of just husband and wife proves controversial.

“There is no need for clarification,” said Blake. “It’s 5000 years of history…husband and wife.”

Parrish knows the bills could face an uphill battle in the House of Delegates.

“If we don’t win this year, the same bill will come back next year,” said Parrish.

NBC12 reached out to Republican leaders in the House for comment. We did not hear back.

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