What Do You Read? It Makes a Difference in Your “World Views”.


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Don_BlakeChristians and The Culture: “Defending Faith, Family and Freedom”

March 2010

I read years ago that “Leaders are Readers and Readers are Leaders”.  Makes sense doesn’t it?  It makes a difference what we read.  We are influenced by what we read and therefore we must always seek the truth in all things.  “Wise people store up knowledge” (Prov. 10:14). 

The number one thing we should read – daily – is the Bible and probably a daily bible study or devotional.  Everything else we read should be filtered through our “biblical world view”.  We live in the world, so we need to keep up with the world going on around us.  To be informed, we should read a newspaper daily – not just the sports, flair or headlines.  We need to read the editorials and commentaries and we should try to understand the motivation of the writers of our news and commentaries. 

The Bible says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

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It is true.  We Americans and Christians are not well-informed about current issues or our Nation’s Christian heritage.  Too many Christians are reading People Magazine instead of World Magazine, or Time and Newsweek instead of Charisma and Townhall.  Look at the newsstands.  What is being offered?  One must “seek wisdom” and we have to search for Biblically-based news to know the truth about where we as a people are, and where we are headed.

So much happens in Congress, and locally here in the Virginia General Assembly, that we never hear about.  These issues affect our daily lives and threaten our Christian faith.  How can you respond to the issues if you don’t know them?  How do you know who is right and who is wrong on the issues?  It goes back to your Biblical filter.  The Bible says that a time will come when “wrong will be right and right wrong.”  We are in those times now.  Look at the news.  What Christians know to be Biblical truths are under attack.  Full frontal assault.  The enemy is relentlessly out to silence the Christian voice. 

Let’s assume we know the issues, know the right side to be on etc.  How do we respond to make our views known?  Christians need to come together in support of our faith and beliefs.  Christians need to come forth in large numbers to stand for Biblical principles.  This means leaving your comfort zone to write, call, attend meetings – do something.  Those who oppose our Biblical world view are much smaller in numbers, but they are united and relentless in their quest to humanize our Nation. 

  1. Make your views known to your family and friends.  We are to influence others and our culture.
  2. Write, call, e-mail your elected officials your point of view.
  3. Write letters to the newspaper.
  4. Pastors and lay leaders need to speak out – publicly. 


Many Christian-based web news outlets are available at a click of your computer mouse. In January I suggested several.  You can sign up for e-mail news – free – from the below listed on the Virginia Christan Alliance LINKS page.

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