Why Does God Allow Death & Suffering?

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One of the most-asked questions by both Christians and non-Christians alike is:

‘If God is a god of love, why is there so much death and suffering in the world?’

The Bible actually provides a clear explanation for how the world came to be in this state. God didn’t make it this way—we did! In fact, God has gone to extraordinary lengths to rescue us from the very painful mess we have gotten ourselves into. In the process, He experienced the worst of suffering and death—and in fact conquered them ‘from the inside’ so to speak.

Christians need have no fear of suffering and death!

Why, then, do so many Christians still struggle with this question?

Find out why evolutionary thinking is at the heart of the problem, in this helpful discussion with author, speaker, and researcher, Gary Bates.


00:00 → Teaser
00:37 → Introduction: Two very different views of death 
01:34 → Why our beliefs about origins are critical 
02:58 → If God is a good creator, then why does His creation have death and suffering? 
04:55 → Evolutionary thinking undermines Christians’ understanding of death and suffering
06:42 → The #1 question—from both Christians and non-Christians alike
07:34 → Christians who have rejected the Bible’s account of history/origins are left with no answer
09:06 → “What am I being saved from?”
10:10 → “Why did God institute a curse?”
11:39 → The curse was an act of mercy?!
14:21 → Has God done anything about the suffering?
15:22 → We shouldn’t be surprised by suffering
17:18 → A 9/11 memory
18:52 → Jesus healings and His sorrow at Lazarus’ death don’t make sense if He used evolution to create
20:02 → Death is not normal. It’s “the last enemy”, according to God!
20:42 → Is it fair that all creation was cursed as a result of human sin?
21:48 → Job’s hope in the face of suffering: Anticipation of the future resurrection!
25:18 → Why don’t more Christians have an eternal perspective like Job?
26:27 → Future restoration: The new heavens and earth
30:00 → God hasn’t been nasty to us, He’s shown incredible love and favor!
32:30 → Are you ready to die?
35:52 → Do people deserve the terrible things that happen to them?
39:41 → A message to those considering the big questions of life: What can you take with you when you die?
44:00 → Conclusion: There is hope after death; but an evolutionary view of death

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