A Current Overview of Homosexuality in America (2017)

Greene Hollowell 2012 150A

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Greene Hollowell

Acceptance of homosexuality is now considered a ‘done deal’ by most Americans. Not that they all like it, but like abortion and other immoral actions, they feel that society has moved in a downward spiral and there is no use fighting back for change.

For those who want to be abreast of the changing attitudes on sodomy, homosexuality, gay, and LGTBQ, here are statements for your consideration. Most statements below would now be denied by the LGTBQ activist.

Same-sex and gender-confused people are fundamentally disordered and their sexual acts are immoral.

The attractions are neither genetically or biologically determined but are caused primarily through early psychological events, family dysfunction, abuse, movement from pornography and hardcore sex. The disposition to homosexuality is generally involuntary.

Change is possible but very, very difficult. Some retain same-sex attraction but can live without acting on their feelings just as some heterosexuals do. We should respond prudently and compassionately to them.

The public should recognize the disorder of LGTBQ people so they can help them in their struggle to change, to protect social interest such as the family and particularly their and other children who are greatly impacted. People like the Friends of Gays and Lesbians who affirm the homosexuals are a danger to them and impede their move to change. Real friends do not affirm those to continue in a deadly life-style.

Homosexuals are a danger to the public health of the nation- HIV/AIDS. The dangers to the homosexual include a decrease in life expectancy, infectious hepatitis; cancers include rectal cancer, bowel and other infectious diseases and a higher rate of suicide. Many homosexuals cannot control themselves, the addiction is so great. Even the risk neither of death by AIDS to themselves nor of their multiple partners seems to make a difference. They are in effect sexual outlaws.

The crisis of Catholic homosexual priest and their molestations to the boys and the expense of hundreds of millions of dollars paid should be a wake-up call for those who claim no harm is done. And now the Boy Scouts are unleashing homosexual Scout Masters on the boys. Scout President and former Sec. of Defense Robert M. Gates and Sec. of State Rex W. Tillerson, a board member, were responsible for this action. They care more about accommodating the homosexuals than the well-being of the boys. How they will change the Scout oath that requires the boys to be ‘morally straight’ remains to be seen.

Sec. of Defense Gates, along with Gen. Colin Powell and Admiral Mike Mullins all had a hand in forcing the military to accept the homosexuals, thereby to help accomplish the gender confusion missions of former Presidents Clinton and Obama and their Democratic party.

The next move we can expect is to legalize the efforts of the NORTH AMERICAN MAN-BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION (NAMBLA). It is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization that works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors. In addition they work for the release of all men who have been jailed for sexual contact with minors that did not involve coercion. While there are more heterosexuals molesters than homosexual molesters, the homosexuals constitute a higher proportion relative to their percentage of the population. NAMBLA is an embarrassment to some homosexuals. But this acceptance will lead to the eventual legalization of polygamy, bestiality and consensual incest.

There is no question that children raised in the traditional family unit headed by a father and mother provides the best environment for them to grow with a correct view of masculinity and femininity. This marriage arrangement, dictated by God, provides the way for conceiving, bearing, rearing and educating children. Of course, the weakening of the family by cohabitation, divorce and premarital sex has negated much of what God intended. Homosexual acts are so perverted and vile that public school teachers that promote homosexual sexuality as a norm and social agencies that place children with homosexuals should be denounced.

When President Donald Trump was questioned concerning his stance on homosexuality he indicated that he was satisfied with the current court cases that legalized the acts. In a news report dated 02/22/2017 that concerned the use of bathrooms by transgenders, the administration seemed to be changing positions from Obama’s position of support.

God has called homosexuality an abomination; it is a symbol of rebellion against God. Despite this some churches are welcoming them into their membership on that basis. A Nation cannot stand that promotes perverted activity and honors sodomite marriage. Either it will become unlawful or God will act as He has done before.

Greene Hollowell

Richmond, VA

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Greene Hollowell
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