A Pretend Policy for Pretend Girl Athletes

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Do any of us really need one more lie from the “LGBT” lobby? But that’s what the parents and families of Minnesota got in a recent vote about whether boys can join girls’ sports teams, use their restrooms and spend the night in their hotel rooms.

Never mind the underlying reality that boys are not girls, ever. The truth about the policy just passed in Minnesota is that it is not binding. No school in Minnesota needs to go along with the new guideline (that’s all it is) from the Minnesota State High School League, a board that oversees high school sports.

While the proposal passed 18-1 with one abstention, it was a last-minute version, the ninth draft, pulled out and voted on at the December 4 meeting. All the measure does is provide a set of verifications for boys who are confused about gender to make appeals if denied the option to join a girls’ team.

But no school is forced to follow these recommendations, and if they are smart, the schools will simply wait and continue to uphold current policy until forced screenhunter 113-nov-30-23-11by MSHSL to comply because of a particular boy’s appeal. Here’s why: the MSHSL “guideline” essentially violates current state and federal law, including Title IX. It’s not ‘discrimination’ to limit girls’ teams to, well, girls, according Michele Lentz from CPL Action, the parent group that mounted a strong campaign against the unnecessary proposal.

It will be interesting to see how many of the 500 affected schools in MN have the decency, common sense and respect for authentic girls to simply ignore this unsolicited solution to a very dubious problem. Yes, gender confusion exists, but should schools validate these identities and accord them new rights? Most parents, most Americans would say a firm “no.”

The measure contains a token exemption for religious schools, which is meaningless for any school whose opposing team has allowed an MTF (male–to-female) identifying player. The faith-based school’s option? Go along or forfeit. So essentially, there is no religious exemption.

Yet national media, eager to tout another presumed victory for the sexual left, quickly published misleading accounts. Some even claimed that 32 other states have passed such policies. Not true. Thirty-two other state high school leagues have considered such policies, Some states have multiple such oversight leagues in the same state. And some of these agencies rejected the whole ploy, discarding the notion that a boy pretending to be a girl is a worthy and wholesome behavior to affirm.

It’s not a victory, unless schools fall for a smoke and mirrors scheme posing as a new “policy,’ which technically is not one. A “guideline” approach was possibly used to duck legal liability. A paper tiger does indeed intimidate some people.

There’s a good chance the whole approach originated in Washington at the Department of Education, now erroneously claiming that federal non-discrimination law on sex covers those who are cross-dressers. So equality on the playing field for girls is now to include boys. Don’t you love how the left thinks?

Yet well before the 10,000 emails and meetings packed with parents against the proposal, the concerned parent’s group opposing the proposal, CPL Action, told schools it was NOT a mandate:

“We gave Athletic Directors information about the serious concern of many experts that treating all sexual leanings in children as ‘normal’ can be harmful, since studies indicate that 70%-80% of children with transgender feelings spontaneously lose those feelings by the time they are adults.

“The reaction from MSHSL [Minnesota State High School League] Executive Director David Stead to our letter, we are sorry to report, was appalling. His admission that state and federal laws, rules, and regulations do not require this transgender policy was certainly a welcome change. But he omitted the fact that each of the five MSHSL Draft Policies use language strongly suggesting a legal mandate, a not-so-veiled threat intended to bully Board members and the public into compliance.”

Yes, “bully” is exactly the right word for what’s happening. How ironic, that those who claim to need special protections from bullying – those who identify as homosexual or “transgender”–are perpetrating a huge fraud on school after school, backed by the biggest bully of all: the Obama administration. MSHSL Executive Director David Stead admitted that this whole process was being coached from the Office of Civil Rights of the USDOE.

The U.S. Department of Education has issued opinion letters that strongly imply local schools must enact policies to promote homosexual behavior and allow gender-bending males to enter the private space of females and vice versa, and they cite Title IX as the law that back this up. But this creative invention from activists within the agency is not a duly-enacted legislative change. Once again, the lawless Obama administration issues orders to overturn American society, without appropriate authority, and dares anyone to stop them.

When it comes to dysfunctional behaviors being endorsed for children, however, the results are often tragic.

Civil rights law in the U.S. does not cover homosexuality or gender confusion and let’s pray it never does. These are not inborn, immutable traits.

This Minnesota kangaroo court is just asking for one or more lawsuits. The way the scheme works is that the directive gives any confused boy an open door to conduct an “appeal” to this board if denied the chance to try out for the girls’ team—as a girl. Using children as human shields in an adversarial relationship is a typical ploy of “LGBT” activists, because it will pit the school against a non-stereotypical student, setting them up in a victim posture that will play well in the media to advance the leftist agenda. What happens ultimately to such a student is not important to them.

Only a handful of students, boys, will ever use this ungodly option to join girls’ teams and mimic being girls. The whole exercise is another heartbreaking example of wayward adults who deny reality and refuse to teach children what is true and good.

The far-left governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, decided to go to the media and pitch a hissy-fit of name-calling against the Child Protection League (opponents of the measure). He called the group’s ad campaign “hate mongering,” “despicable,” and “absurd.”

So a boy who takes female hormones at fifteen is normal, but doing everything possible to try to prevent endorsing this is not? A boy who wants to wear dresses and lipstick and play on the girls’ tennis team and sleep in their hotel rooms is not absurd, but parents who point out all the many things wrong with this process are “despicable”?

This is why Americans have had it with the destructive Democratic Party. They are wrong in state leadership, wrong in Washington, and saddest of all, tragically wrong when they provide “guidance” for our children.

Pray for the parents and families of Minnesota, a mid-American blue state caught in the web of leftist corruption.

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