Answers On Why The Scientific Community Doesn’t Want You To Question Evolution

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 When we are talking about evolution we are referring to explanations of our Origins, who we are, how we got here and why. This happened many years ago and there are no operational scientific experiments that can answer these questions.

For those who do not want to accept the Biblical account of Creation, their only alternative is to speculate on various methods and then try to find possible scientific affirmations. Even so there seems to be no answer to how it all started nor how life developed from non-life.

VCA RTD AD 10-20-2012 114712AMCharles Darwin said if no transitions are found then his theory of evolution is not valid. Even the evolutionary scientist will admit there are no transitions but they still cling to his theory. It then becomes a faith based theory despite the author’s warning. Why do they continue with what amounts to a hoax or fraud? One evolutionary scientist has stated the prime reason is that they do not want to acknowledge God. They do not want to answer to His demands on their life. They take an atheistic stance and deny the Biblical account of creation. They have convinced the US Supreme Court that evolution is science and creationism is not.

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Well, the creation by God is not science as we understand it, creationism goes far beyond what man can comprehend; it is in the realm of the miraculous, the supernatural! God spoke and the earth and the universe came into being over a literal 6 day period. How God did this will remain a mystery. Scientists can investigate, classify and experiment with God’s work but it is beyond them to know the scientific knowledge and methods God used to bring it about.

No, the creation account is not science, neither is evolution. Both are ‘faith’ based. Christians believe in creation as revealed in the Bible. While they believe there is evidence in the creation that affirms the Biblical account, the words of the scripture form the solid base of their beliefs. Atheists believe in evolution as revealed in Darwin’s writings and other variations. Why not let the Origins controversy both be presented in the science classroom? The Bible can give an explanation on how life came about and how the worldwide flood accounts for the location of the fossils. Evolutionist cannot give this explanation on initial creation and they deny the worldwide flood.

Then, let the students ‘QUESTION EVERYTHING’.

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Greene Hollowell

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