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BrendaBraamRev. Brenda Braam

Ruther Glen, VA

Rev. Brenda Braam is the Chaplain of Peumansend Regional Detention Center in Bowling Green, Virginia. She has been in Virginia for 8 years since relocating from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is married to Phillip Braam and they have three sons and a

grand-daughter. She holds a Bachelors of Science from Regent University in Virginia Beach, and a Master’s of Divinity from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia.

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Brenda is currently the Chaplain at Peumansend Regional Jail in Bowling Green, Virginia. She is a respected and anointed speaker known throughout the nation and abroad in Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, Bahamas and Mexico. She is actively involved in the community and is the founder of “Bridge of Faith Outreach Ministries” an outreach to the needy and the “Bridge Prayer Ministry.” God is using her to disciple men and women through her weekly Bible classes. She is an advocate for women and has served on the Governing Body of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Alliance, Women of Color Caucus, and the Racial Justice Task Force.

She received the “National Sojourner Truth Meritorious Service Award” from the National Association of Negro and Professional Women’s Clubs, for advancing the status of women. Rev. Brenda believes “Prayer and Praise” can change the course of any situation.

Brenda and her husband, Phillip live in Ladysmith, VA (Caroline County) and are available to host The Truth Project Christian World View Program. Brenda is also one of the chaplains of The Virginia Christian Alliance and may be reached at




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