Catholic Pontifical Academy of Science (PSA) Dominated by Atheistic Evolutionist and Theistic Evolutionist

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Maciej Giertych is a retired Polish Professor of Genetics and currently a member of the European Parliament. He is fluent in English & each year sends an update of his activities.

He is one of the very few anti-evolution scientists who does not inject the “religion” element in his publications against macro-evolution.

This year’s report contains a first: Maciej managed to get himself invited to a conference on evolution by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS), an exclusive group of evolutionists who have carefully censored all scientific info that is against evolution. One of the stipulations for his admittance to this Conference was that, even though he is a Catholic scientist, he was not allowed to speak before this elite “Pontifical” group.

However, a cardinal was allowed to speak, because those “Pontifical” evolutionists knew beforehand that the cardinal would employ the religion element. As Maciej points up in his attached brief report, the PAS hard core evolutionists don’t have a problem with that, since that’s “a position which they can easily reject as an expression of religious fundamentalism that they despise.”

But enough from me. Read about it in the words of Maciej’s attached 2-page report.

Yours for an end to censorship in science,



Christmas 2008

Dear Friends,

Please accept my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. May it prove not as painful as economists predict nor as consensual as proponents of political correctness wish.

….At the turn of October and November the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) met in Rome to discuss: “Scientific-insights into the evolution of the universe and of life.” When I heard about this session I searched out addresses of all the members of PAS (among them about one-third are Nobel prize laureates) and sent them my booklet “Teaching on evolution in European schools”, together with a cover letter explaining who I am and expressing the hope that the enclosed booklet would prove useful in connection with the session they were about to participate in.

Some of the academicians sent me a short thank-you letter; however the Chancellor of the Academy, Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, wrote a cordial longer letter. I responded, asking him whether any part of the session would be open to the public and if not, whether it would be possible to obtain a personal invitation. He agreed that I could come and sit in on the session as an observer, without the right to speak. And thus I became a participant in the Oct. 31st-Nov. 4th session of the PAS. I was unable to participate in the official discussions, however I used all the intermissions for conversations with the participants and I made my booklet available in English to all who were interested. My observations from this extraordinary experience are quite disturbing. All the academicians are scientists of the highest level and the papers presented were truly of top quality.

However, unfortunately many of the academicians are atheists. The remainder are supporters of the theory of evolution but allow for the possibility of God’s influence on its course. In all the discussions after the papers, the main confrontation was between atheists and theists on whether God is necessary or redundant in explaining evolutionary processes. Among the speakers and polemists there was not a single critic of the theory of evolution.

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The media were not very happy that in his speech to the PAS Pope Benedict XVI did not express support for the theory of evolution. Instead they dwelled on the kind welcome shown by the Pope to Prof. Stephen W. Hawking and on the latter’s paper. Hawking is an invalid in a wheelchair who communicates through a speech synthesizer. In his paper he analysed the development of human thought about the origins of the universe. Hawking considers questions about origins as absurd as asking about the edge of the earth, assuming it is flat, or about the southerly direction on the South Pole. He believes that it is possible to answer questions “Why are we here?” or “Where did we come from?” within the limits of natural sciences. His agnostic conclusion became the main media message of the whole conference. Many contributions treated processes leading to race formation as steps in evolution.

However, races are genetically poorer than the populations from which they arose. Evolution requires an increase in genetic information and not the loss of it. It requires new functions and organs. None of the papers presented showed any result supporting the evolutionary postulate, yet all of them treated evolution as an unquestioned paradigm.

From the theistic side the most interesting paper was presented by Cardinal  Christoph Schõnbom (not a member of the academy). He summarised the statements on evolution made so far by Benedict XVI (and Cardinal Ratzinger). In the discussion that followed Schõnbom forcefully defended the view of the Pope and his own that God is not to be called in only to fill gaps in the evolutionary process. He supervises the totality of the development of the World. To a direct question, whether he believes in evolution, Schõnbom answered that for the theory to be proven, still much is lacking.

I sat in silence. At intermissions I tried to discuss privately with the participants of the session.  The conference lacked even a single paper that would be critical of the theory of evolution from the scientific point of view. Those present, primarily retirees, had never heard of scientific research that contradicted the theory of evolution. Because of the makeup of the group of PAS speakers selected for the conference, the Church also did not hear about this research.

I understand that the Church wants to know what the world of science is proposing, also what the atheists propose. However, by setting up a conference in such a way as this recent forum, the Church will never be informed about the full picture. It will hear only the voices of its critics (known on a daily basis from a multitude of sources). These critics did not receive a response against which they would have to defend themselves with scientific arguments. They received only an assurance that God has something to do with the development of the world, a position which they can easily reject as an expression of religious fundamentalism that they despise.

(Emphasis added)

Unfortunately, a similar session planned for March by the Pontifical Council for Culture is also likely to be manned by atheistic and theistic supporters of evolution. In parallel with the PAS conference on the topic of evolution there was a one day (Nov. 3rd) symposium at the Sapienza University in Rome entitled “A Scientific Critique of Evolution.” I was one of the speakers at this session. The aim of the conference was to present scientific results that contradict the Darwinian theory of evolution. Two Indian bishops attended it. Unfortunately the major media did not care to notice this session. There was my interview with Vatican Radio, in which I discussed both of the sessions in which I participated, and a few notes in some niche publications.


Maciej Giertych

Prof. dr. hab. Maciej Giertych ● ul. Bialoboka 4 ● 62-035 Kórnik ● Poland

Submitted to BTF by Robert Sungenis

Comment: This is further proof that the Vatican, as demonstrated by their own advisory body of experts, the Pontifical Academy of Science, has been thoroughly infiltrated by the atheistic scientific establishment, who, through its intimidation with so-called “scientific facts” (which are nothing but pseudo-facts) continues to place itself as the false god sitting in the temple, perhaps demonstrating the very warning St. Paul gave us in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4. Evolution has been shown over and over again these last few decades to be a totally bankrupt science, so much so that whoever believes in it after seeing the overwhelming evidence against it, not to mention the testimony from tradition and scripture, is nothing but a fool, Catholic clerics included.

A followup to the PAS info.

Ironically even though most Catholics and their Bishops and Cardinals hold
to some type of theistic evolutionary position (that God started and/or
intervened in the evolutionary process along the way); the OFFICIAL
theologic postion is ENTIRELY different.

Tthe Pope makes a statement on the interpretation of Scripture, which is
done in an Encyclical ONLY.  This is considered dogmatic!!!  Statements he
makes to the press or in non-encyclical writings do NOT count as official

Understanding this, there has NEVER been any encyclical from ANY Pope
throughout all the hundreds of years, that Catholics must believe in
evolution and millions of years.  On the contrary the Catechism of the
Catholic Church and all Encyclicals state that we are to believe in a
literal Adam and a literal Eve in a literal Garden of Eden all of which took
place in a literal historical timeframe (@6000 or so years by adding up the
“begats”).  I always seem to get a deer in the headlights look when I
mention this to liberal priests,nuns, etc.     Gene 



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