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God’s creative acts to make heaven and earth are miraculous in nature. These acts concerning our origins would not be subject to man’s scientific investigations and speculations even if he were there at the time of creation and equipped with knowledge and instruments of today. The miraculous cannot be explained by science. Science is just a tool we have to examine, study and experiment with.

Most of man’s present day variants in trying to explain and alter God’s revealed Word on creation has their ‘genesis’ in evolutionary theory and time frames. These include the gap theory, the day age theory, progressive creationism and theistic evolution. The hallmark of evolution is the rejection of God and denial of His involvement in the process. The billions of years were necessary to add statistical believability.

The result of all these different explanations is to cast doubt on God’s Word and for man to try to bring His Word in conformity to evolutionary theories so as to not appear ignorant and out of touch with scientific thinking.

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We jokingly call some things ‘oxymoron’- Army Intelligence, Christian Lawyers, etc. Would not Theistic Evolution be the ultimate oxymoron?


Why would a Christian consider any of these evolutionary variants as being valid? Would you really want theistic evolutionist to become members of the church and then teaching this to our children?

About 17 billion years ago NOTHING became SOMETHING without any means or directions, the SOMETHING eventually evolving into what we are now. Authority: Darwin and the great majority of present-day scientist.
About 6,000 years ago NOTHING became SOMETHING over a period of 6 days by the creative power and direction of Almighty God to what it was then and what we are now. Authority: The Holy Bible, the majority of earlier scientist and the minority of present-day scientist and the majority of people.
While both sound unbelievable which one sounds more persuasive?


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