Days of Creation: Day Means Day and What About the Six Days and Young Earth

What is a Day

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What is a Day

Day Means Day

Nobody has provided us with answers that point to anything but a traditional view of the original meaning. Anyone who says that a closer study of the Hebrew leads elsewhere is simply incorrect. The original intent is plain—a day was a day, from the very first miraculous day.

God Really Created Everything in Six Days?

If God created the world over millions of years, there would have been death before the Fall—hardly the definition of a “very good” creation. If the days of creation are really geologic ages of millions of years, then the gospel message is undermined at its foundation because it puts death, disease, thorns, and suffering before the Fall.

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Is One Day Enough Time?

All of the activities described for each of the days of the Creation Week could easily have been accomplished within 12 hours of the respective days. It is only when one adds timing elements to the text that the sixth day seems to describe too many events.

Augustine and A Young Earth

Many old-earth proponents in the church today try to use the Christian theologian Augustine (AD 354–430) as a support for their belief in millions of years. But there is plenty of evidence that Augustine wasn’t an old-earther. Rather, he believed that God created everything in an instant.



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