Defense of Marriage battle in NC – Nobody Can Call God a Liar Without Facing the Fire


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Press Statement: released by Dr. Johnny Hunter concerning the defense of marriage in North Carolina, where Democrats are doing their best to avoid supporting Defence of Marriage act citing the economy is more important.  Statement follows the news and video clip about this hot topic.

RALEIGH (WTVD) — The rhetoric began heating up Tuesday as lawmakers look ahead to a special session of the North Carolina General Assembly next week that’s devoted primarily to constitutional amendments.

Democrats held a news conference to state their opposition to an amendment that would ban same-sex marriages. They say with the economy limping along, it’s the wrong subject at the wrong time, but Republicans say they disagree.

 ( See related news clip on this issue): So, would an anti-gay marriage amendment be bad for the state economy?

Democrats say the amendment would be a turnoff to companies that celebrate diversity and offer benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

Anthony Pugliese and his partner Alex have been together for 15 years. After a surrogate gave birth to their twin daughters, Alex quit his job to stay home with them and has insurance through Anthony’s position at the American Institute for CPA’s in Durham.  Continue Reading…

September 6, 2011

Nobody can call God a liar without facing the fire

jhunter200dpiwebDr. Johnny Hunter

 There are three reasons that the voters of North Carolina should be allowed to vote on the marriage amendment: (1) a bad judge can nullify the North Carolina state statues on marriage, (2) homosexuals cannot consummate their marriage and (3) it is offensive to equate an obsession with immoral unnatural sexual behaviors with being black. Black people do have morals.

Those who push for homosexual marriages claim the marriage amendment is unnecessary. If it is, why are they lobbying so hard against it? Why are they fighting it? Do they have a plan to force city clerks and clergy to sign and issue them marriage licenses? They already have a track record for using a homosexual judge to demolish any law preventing them from redefining marriage.

 As Dr. John Diggs, a medical doctor, has pointed out many times, the anatomy is not right for homosexuals to even consummate a marriage. The reproductive systems of a male and female compliment each other. They were designed to be opposite to work together. Two locks cannot open each other. Two keys do not work together. It takes a key to open a lock. 

A black person in Texas once stated the obvious. As a black person, I can describe myself as black without mentioning anything related to sex. I am black and everyone who sees me can tell that I am black. They know that I was born black. My hair is black and if I do not brush it or cut it, it gets some very tight tiny curls. My skin is brown, My nose is broad. My lips are thick. These are physical characteristics, apparent to all who see me, which reveal that I am black. 

Try to get a homosexual to describe the physical characteristics of being a homosexual without mentioning sex. Blacks know what real discrimination is all about. Blacks were taken in chains and packed in slave ships. Blacks picked cotton without pay. Blacks were bought sold and killed at the whim of slave owners. Even after blacks were free, we were not allowed to vote based on our physical characteristics. 

Many years ago, an acquaintance of Malcolm X explained to me that Malcolm did not hate all whites. It was just that he did not trust liberal whites. He believed that they had an immoral agenda that they would advance by riding it on the back of the civil rights movement. When I see homosexual activists claiming that men having sex with men is same as being Black, I am offended and disgusted because of they are disrespecting (“dissing”) the foot soldiers of the early civil rights movement. 

I say to our Black brothers and sisters, stand for your rights – especially the right to vote for the marriage amendment which some people want to deny you the right to vote for. And if Black legislators want to appease the homosexual lobby more than represent the Black community who votes, it’s time for a real change. And if a minister says God was wrong when He instituted marriage between a man and a woman, stay as far away from that apostate as you possible can. One day, he or she will stand before The Creator and God will judge them rather they want to be judged or not. Nobody can call God a liar without facing the fire.

Dr. Johnny Hunter

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