God or Man?

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Friday’s supreme court decision continues this year’s turmoil. Part I, Part II, and Part III lay out the case for how, what and why the turmoil remains. They also cover the struggles physical and spiritual aspects. Today we’ll look at who, picking up where Part III left off. Then look at a very simple, but profound, question.

Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar sought to divide Rome’s republic. They wanted wealth, glory, and political power respectively. We have our own Caesar and Crassus today. This is where the great reset comes in. If you’ve not already heard of it, you likely will very soon. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They’ve told us who they are and what they’re about.[1]

So Who Are They?

These elitists are a combination of business and political leaders.[2] They include globalists such as Bill Gates, Al Gore, and Prince Charles. Business leaders from global giants in the consulting, consumer, financial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical sectors. Governance aligned groups like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, and democratic party—who’s aligned its party platform with the reset’s ideas. It includes technology leaders from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. Leaders from some religious denominations also support their ideas, especially those adhering to liberation theology and the interfaith movement. They’ve all abandoned God and turned to man.

What’s Their Purpose?

To be brief, they want to redefine capitalism by incorporating socialist ideas, although they are very careful not to mention that word.[3] The goal is to radically remake society, and they believe covid provides a window of opportunity to do just that. The model they advocate is very much like the one existing in China today. The state directing society’s economy, but control coming from other societal groups.[4] Collusion between big government and big business. More about that in a bit.

This reset requires organizations changing and behaving in very different ways.[5] Several areas integral to their goals include;

  • Finance – it will take lots of money
  • Governance – using its power to align society with its goals
  • Business – totally changing their practices, processes, and objectives
  • Technology – integrating man and machine
  • Religion – oneness supports its environment goals and objectives
  • Culture – aligning the people in support of its ideas

Ever wonder why these ideas always take such vast sums of money? If their goals and objectives where aligned with our nature, there would be little need for money. Think about that for a moment. Instead they infuse social engineering with the promise of social justice. Social justice based on critical theory.[6]

Everything Old is New Again

Their ideas are nothing new. Just like the struggles between the patron and plebian classes in early Rome, it’s simply about who will rule and be ruled. It’s all about politics between unequal groups. The business leaders supporting this effort become unelected political leaders. We can see this in the idea shift about to whom are businesses responsible.

Historically, it was about how businesses supported society, customers, employees, and shareholders. Today it’s about stakeholders that include society, customers, employees, and shareholders. Notice the shift? Shareholders used to be owners; it was their money. Under this ‘new’ notion, they’re simply providing a different resource to companies. Power shifting from owners to administrators, in the name of a false morality. There is no sense of stewardship, a foundational capitalism principle derived from Christianity. Self-sacrifice replaced by self-interest. It’s the same corruption we’ve seen in our politics. Tax money is no longer viewed as yours, but the governments.

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The Price of Success

Since we’re discussing business, what’s the cost? What does it take to reach the goals? The price is high. We’ll get into some of the problems in a moment. The price includes;

  • Emptiness
  • Denying our purpose
  • Forgoing fulfillment

In short, to succeed is to fail. Some of the problems include;

Their ideas proclaim lofty goals, but not how to get there. They say nothing about living within one’s means, just a call for more to be done. Always more—an elitist’s sickness—because they’ve forgotten their true identity.[7]

They use many terms, without defining any of them. They sound good, like ‘steer the market’, ‘fairer outcomes’, ‘more equitable outcome’, ‘advance shared goals’, and the like. But to whose benefit and how? They laud the pandemic as showing “how quickly we can make radical changes to our lifestyle,”[8] while ignoring the fear, intimidation, and deception used to fashion our response.

Success requires an oxymoron—agile governance on a global scale. Poverty elimination is one great reset goal. But it ignores the World Bank’s own figures about significant extreme poverty decreases over the last twenty years. In America, we have little poverty. However, that’s not reflected in the measures we use. We exclude wealth transfers from income, so the poor remain always poor. And their incentive for improving their lot in life is taken away.

Man becomes an integration of being and technology in this new industrial revolution (IR4). For example, placing nanobots or chips within one’s body providing information on where you are, who you contact, your health signs, etc. All available to those authorized to know, without your consent or awareness.

Why Does It Matter?

The great reset’s ideas are immoral, and that always leads to less freedom. They lack morality because they deny its source—God.[9] I’ll close with one final example, Friday’s supreme court decision not to hear the recent Texas election fraud case. I’ve not yet read anything about their decision, but I can tell you what’s at stake.

That is who do rights come from, God or man? If God, then our natural rights matter. Their power rests in each of us, and therefore constitutions bind government’s to their people’s will. If rights come solely from man, then do constitutions matter? Government can do what ever it wants, such as willfully change election laws to stack the deck and promote fraud. And the court didn’t even bother to pick up the question. What a sham.

The power rests in us because our natural rights do come from God. These include the rights to preserve our life, make our own decisions, know who He is, live according to His laws, and communicate with each other. They also come with the duty to serve the common good, putting self-sacrifice over self-interest.

The supreme court’s decision denies a state constitution’s power. The same kind of constitution it relies on for its own power. By denying to hear the case, they’ve denied themselves. They too have succeeded by failing.

Why It Should Matter to Virginia

One might ask for proof of vote tampering. Here are two bits of evidence surfacing in the last couple of days. Last week a forensic audit was conducted on voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan. This is the place where 6,000 votes were switched. The audit results were to be released last Tuesday. Michigan’s Attorney General has blocked their release.[10] Why? There is also video  and data evidence of vote switching during the election night network coverage. Their own broadcasts confirm it. This post captures the switching and explains some of the ways this fraud is carried out.[11] There is so much evidence they cannot cover it up. Why aren’t the courts listening?

I hope you will view these posts before they get taken down. One of the most disturbing pieces of information in the second video is there were 57 such instances of vote switching in Virginia. We don’t know the impact of those switches, but only Arkansas had more (58). Did the President win Virginia? Did Republicans only win 4 House seats in this election? Who won the Senate race? Why hasn’t Virginia’s Republican party even asked the question?

When government fails, the power it had returns to the people from whom it came. Now is not the time to back down. It’s only the beginning, we must take it back. God is moving, but we must continue to stand.


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