Holy Week Review: Day by Day

palm sunday

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 Easter comes and goes year after year, but should it be merely an annual event?  What happened DAY BY DAY from Palm Sunday until “Easter”?   Take time to see the following short videos that cover that time period.

Palm Sunday:

In this video, we begin a week-long study on the final days of Christ. By Friday, Jesus will be crucified, but truly His last days were no less difficult. Through this video series, I hope that we can all grow closer to His heart and truly understand the suffering of our Savior.

Monday: Day of Authority

After entering Jerusalem for the final time the day before, Christ accomplished two notable acts today; He cursed a fig tree and He cleansed the temple. In this video, we try and understand the implications and the purpose of those actions.

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Tuesday: Day of Debate

On Tuesday during the final week of His life, Jesus spent the entire day debating the religious leaders of the time, but try as they might, they were unable to find anything they could use to arrest Him so that they could turn Him over to the authority of the governor.

Wednesday: Day of Silence

On a day known as the Day of Silence, not many things are recorded that Jesus said, but the actions of two others surrounding Jesus were meticulously recorded. In this study, we look at those two people and their differences.

Thursday: Day of Agony

Tonight, Jesus is betrayed by one of the twelve. Judas would betray the Son of Man with a kiss on the cheek and Jesus would be dragged before the Sanhedrin in chains. But before that, He shares one last meal with His friends.

Friday: Day of Victory

Today is known as Good Friday, today Jesus was nailed to the cross taking our place and trading us His righteousness for our sins. Through the knowledge of what happened to Him today, may our hearts grow closer to His and may we come to a true understanding of the impact of our sins.

Resurrection Sunday

In this study, we remember the triumphant resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind. The importance of this historical event cannot be understated. It is because of the resurrection that any of us have the hope of the same.

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