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Mason Beasler | The Stand

The Chosen, from VidAngel studios and directed by Dallas Jenkins, has now begun production on Season Two and will begin filming in September. Available for free on The Chosen mobile app, the series released its first season back in March, which follows the early ministry of Jesus Christ. Containing eight episodes, this first season introduces Jesus and His family, as well as several of the main characters, such as Mary Magdalene, Peter, Matthew, and Nicodemus. 


The show takes a descriptive approach to the gospel story, in that it follows the characters in every-day situations. The viewer witnesses Jesus and His followers walk about towns, interact with people, eat meals, etc. The personalities and character traits are on full display, with specific episodes devoted to specific people surrounding the life of Jesus. 

A multi-season show, as opposed to a movie or mini-series, allows you to dig even deeper and spend more time on the stories and the backstories of the people involved,” Jenkins said in an interview with AFA Journal. 

These in-depth pictures of key people give context to the miracles and spectacular events that filled Jesus’ ministry. When He heals the lame man, the viewer gets to witness the unique reactions from each of Jesus’ followers, which Jenkins and the crew of actors do a marvelous job of portraying. 

Additionally, we get to witness the backstory of several key disciples, and the path their lives took leading up to their life-changing encounter with Christ. Through these stories, The Chosen provides context to the disciples’ lives that’s never been seen before. 

The choice that these men made – to give up everything and follow Jesus – was a radical and supposedly crazy decision. Matthew, for example, was a tax collector, a position hated by society and not welcomed into most social circles. The show goes in depth on his life, detailing his relationship with the Romans, his fellow Jews, and eventually Jesus Christ. The viewer gets to see how hated he was, an outcast among his own people, while still living a comfortable and wealthy life. 

Like all the others, The Chosen brings this character to life in a colorful and captivating way. The viewer gets to watch as Matthew is faced with the decision to keep his wealth or follow this strange new teacher from Nazareth. The scene is powerful – one of the defining moments of the first season. 

The show saw tremendous results from these first eight episodes. Exceeding 50 million views, the mobile app contains the full first season for free, and also includes an opportunity to “pay it forward,” where viewers can donate to make the episodes available for others. The show also saw incredible global impact, spanning more than 180 countries with translations in more than 50 languages. 

While staying accurate to Scripture, The Chosen portrays Jesus and His followers in a new and refreshing light, one that is bound to reach many people in the world with the loving and truthful message of the salvation Jesus offers. 

Jenkins remarked on this new impact The Chosen is having: 

I think [viewers] have been coming away from it saying, ‘That’s a Jesus I would actually be interested in getting to know. That’s a Jesus who’s actually funny and charismatic – the kind of Jesus that people wanted to follow two thousand years ago.” 

That Jesus is the real Jesus, the one who died for your sins, and still today wants a personal relationship with you. 

Like the story of Matthew, this choice is not easy, and may cost you quite a bit. But a life following Jesus is of eternal value, and is the best decision you could ever make. 

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