IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT** Today marks 33 days for Virginia families whose power was cut off by Dominion Energy 

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SIGN and SHARE this petition created by Children’s Health Defense  far and wide to raise public awareness of the alarming consequences for refusing to consent to replacement of their home’s traditional analog electrical meter by a “smart” meter. The petition will be sent to Governor Youngkin, your Virginia Senator and Delegate, Dominion Power Virginia, and the State Corporation Commission (SCC) which regulates utility companies in Virginia. The petition:

  1. Demands that power be restored to the homes of the families who are in the cold and dark
  2. Identifies the health risks associated with exposure to the  radiofrequency radiation (RFR) that the wireless “smart” meters use to transmit consumption information (electricity, gas, water) to the utility companies
  3. Exposes Dominion’s heavy-handed and stealthy approach and the absence of true choice and informed consent by the consumer
  4. Demands legislation to protect consumer choice and true informed consent

Help our fellow Virginians who have been left in the cold and ensure that you are not the next unwitting target by clicking on the link above. Learn more about smart meters here and here, including how to tell if your analog meter already may have been replaced.

It’s time to fight to defend and restore our God-given rights and Constitutional restraints on our government!

One heartbreaking testimony (above) was shared by Doris Knick, VAMFA communications chair, at a pre-Thanksgiving protest rally at Dominion headquarters in Richmond. Many of these families have health concerns that they fear and understand will worsen if they allow these two-way RFR-emitting meters on their homes. These devices are neither safe nor beneficial for the household members or any customers..
Please follow this situation on VAMFA’s social media for updates, including holding accountable those responsible.
That includes the SCC which is an independent department of state government with delegated administrative, legislative, and judicial powers. Its 675-member staff is headed by three full-time commissioners who are elected by the General Assembly for six-year terms. One seat is currently vacant. The SCC regulates insurance, securities, state-chartered financial institutions, retail franchising,and the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange, in addition to utilities.
If you are as concerned as we are, you can also file a complaint on their website here
Most importantly, please support these families with prayers and donations if you can. They’ve had to install generators, purchase heaters, stay in hotels on some freezing cold nights, and have legal costs.

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