Letter: Creator is ‘missing link’ between apes and man

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Letter to the Editor by Larry T. Ingels, was published in the Free Lance Star Fredericksburg and the interesting comments following the letter

Almost human? Every few years there is an “amazing discovery” concerning a claimed ancient connection between apes and man.

Just recently [“Bones found in cave reveal new human relative,” Sept. 11], there was a widely publicized announcement about the findings in a burial site inside a cave in South Africa. Another “atheist” paleontologist proudly announced that he has found a “missing link” between apes and man, thousands and thousands of years old.

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No creator is needed, just time! Discoverers make these claims for the fame that goes with them. However, I predict that in a few weeks, these remains will be quietly reclassified as merely human.

That is the way it always happens—great public fanfare concerning the “discovery,” followed later by “quiet” retraction of the missing link status through the “supporting” media.

According to the Bible, God made all different kinds of animals, and last of all humans in His image, just a few thousand years ago.

There are no “connecting links” needed. Each creation of life has its own unique and complex design and organization.

A 2004 study compared chimp chromosome 22 with its presumed human counterpart, chromosome 21. The study found that a difference of only 1.5 percent resulted in differences of more than 80 percent among the proteins produced by those genes.

The probability of a chimp or any ancestor ever being human related is zero!

Larry T. Ingels | Orange

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