Media’s Inaccurate Reporting on Ferguson Increases Racism


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The continual negative reporting of the Ferguson killing is a prime reason for racial tensions to increase on the part of whites. Only by reading deeper in the articles do you see the justification for officer’s actions. Tragic as Brown’s death is, his belligerent behavior was the cause. This was seen in the video that showed him stealing items and threatening the clerk with bodily harm and then disobeying and assaulting the officer and trying to get his gun. Thankfully the investigators used common sense and did not charge the officer. Tragically the gutless Ferguson officials pushed him out instead of giving him an accommodation for upholding law and order under difficult circumstances. Yes, there are cases that a policeman has done wrong but Ferguson is not one of them.

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Next, the violent black community protest, rioting, looting, confrontation with the police, setting a police car on fire added additional evidence for not supporting the law. Add to this the usual voices of out of town race hustlers to increase the confrontations. Responsible blacks should speak out and support the law.

I believe the great majority of whites are not racist and want to see justice done. Yes, there are some who have hate for some reason or no reason and they will not change. But the point is that the conduct by blacks in this rioting erodes the support of the former. The great majority of the blacks are not racist but there are those who are and who are just as responsible for the conditions that exist.

The disgraceful conduct of the blacks in assaulting policemen in Philadelphia is another example of their racism. They complain about so many blacks being jailed in comparison to whites, it should not be too complicated to figure out.

The blacks I know are decent, hard working people, mostly Christians. They have no responsibility for the lawless blacks as whites have none for lawless whites. Black political and religious leaders have a responsibility to speak out against them instead of capitulating to the race hustlers. And the black citizens have a responsibility not to vote and support for those who do not speak out.

Greene Hollowell

Richmond, VA

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Greene Hollowell
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