People are Amazing! Features that could not evolve

Every system in the human body is brilliantly conceived.

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by Philip Bell

Like me, I’m sure you have sometimes enjoyed watching films or online videos that showcase amazing feats performed by talented human beings. Perhaps a spectacular acrobatic manoeuvre boggled your mind, or you were mesmerised by watching an exciting-but-dangerous sport.

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Changing tack, it might be that you like exhibitions of stupendous feats of memory, or someone demonstrating their astonishing engineering or maths skills. Some people have awesome technical minds.

We are all aware of people who are especially gifted in composing music or playing a musical instrument, not to mention all those amazingly talented child prodigies. Or perhaps you have been to an art gallery and marvelled as you viewed incredible sculptures, or amazing paintings by master artists. It is wonderful, too, to watch a professional calligraphist at work.

And we should not forget that, while the production of books is not itself visually stunning, there are people whose erudition in writing is utterly captivating, and others whose poetry can have us spellbound.

There are also developments in our modern world that we deeply value, as we think of the ingenuity and brilliance of the gifted men and women responsible. For instance, we frequently hear of quite brilliant innovations in medicine and science.


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