Rabbi Carlos A. Parker


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Rabbi Carlos A. Parker


New Kent County, VA

Rabbi Carlos and his wife Sonia were born and raised in Puerto Rico. They both studied in Puerto Rico and Carlos continued his studies in the United States at Christopher Newport University and Thomas Nelson Community College. Carlos served in the U.S. army for eight and one half years where he spent some of his service as a translator for the Army Chaplains. In 1983, he began a long career in law enforcement in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 2001-2002, Carlos traveled on several church mission trips to Mexico and felt led to become engaged in ministry leadership.

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After an extended trip in Puerto Rico in 2006, Rabbi Carlos and Sonia returned to the U.S. commissioned as pastors. In 2009, Rabbi Carlos and Pastor Sonia graduated from The Bible Institute of Oasis of Life Hispanic Christian Ministry in Newport News, Virginia.

In 2009, Carlos and Sonia were drawn to explore their Jewish heritage and, for the last three years, they have been studying with Rabbi Carlson of Newport News. In 2011, they were anointed with a Rabbinic blessing by Rabbi Carlson. They are continuing their training with The Israel Institute School. They have served as volunteers and supporters of The Heritage Foundation, The family Foundation, S.T.A.N.D. and the Virginia Christian Alliance.

Carolos and Sonia live in New Kent County, VA and may be reached at closph54@yahoo.com.

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